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  • charlie.54321 charlie.54321 Apr 10, 2009 9:24 AM Flag

    An Asset Bubble for the History Books


    Even reading one page will benefit you.

    Bob has articles on his website twice per week at:


    Please bookmark it.

    Only a handful of financial people who are not insiders know gold and silver like Bob does.

    Only a handful of people know the political landscape. Bob is one of them.

    In combination - Bob is at the very top. Only insiders know more because they are the ones manipulating all markets.

    Cut thru all the mass media pulp fiction.

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    • ssh00@ymail.com ssh00 Apr 11, 2009 5:22 PM Flag

      Low *taxes* encourage financial speculation and short term trading? I think you mean low *interest* rates... BIG difference.... Anyhow, I would suggest some reading on some basic economics principles in the future. <wondering why I'm even wasting my time responding to such a post>

    • Yeah he is the stupid one. It is the low taxes that caused all this LMFAO. Get a clue.

    • Hey stupid. We've had low tax rates the last 30 years and it got us into this mess as it encourages financial speculation and short term trading.

      I say soak the rich. Most richies produce nothing and are useless parasites.

    • Bob is the man. One of the few financial commentators who "gets it."

      Deepvaluejpm is on ignore. Much nicer board this way.

    • Good articles!

      Bob Chapman sounds a lot like Jim Willie.


      "Privatization of gains and socialization of losses."

      "Government is keeping market forces neutralized by competing with them."

      "The Fed is buying trillions of dollars in debt by creating money out of thin air.

      ...they are buying and monetizing Treasury notes and bonds. This is to accommodate a government that is determined to run budget deficits of more than 10% of GDP as far as the eye can see."

      It's obvious the free market is not working and we are keeping housing artificially elevated with tax payer dollars so the whole house of cards doesn't come down. The Fed and the Treasury are placing enormous risks on the dollar by funneling money to these Insolvent Mega banks which should be broken up or declared bankrupt.

      Bernanke said recovery would follow when the banks were shored up, what about the amount of unemployment and leveraged taxpayers/consumers who can't support this anymore? If people don't have a job or are in too much debt already, how do you keep this thing going?

      I guess my big question is in the end, how does the Fed get rid of all this toxic stuff it has on it's balance sheet? In the past you raise interests rates to attract foreign buyers to purchase our debt, but raising rates does not look like it can happen for a long time.

      How does the Fed clean all this up without trashing the dollar?

      Feedback welcome from gold haters.

    • Bob CHapman wrote:

      Although we believe it will take some time to implement, the G-20 announced a global economic union with uniform regulations and bylaws for all nations. The SEC, CFTC and the Fed will march to the beat of the FSB, the Financial Stability Board, a body of central bankers from each of the G-20 states and the EU. The scope is remarkable and the powers are open-ended. It will cover all important financial institutions, instruments and markets. This means the internationalization of everything financial so it can better fit into the New World Order.

      The FSB will control compensation and enforce corporate social responsibility at all firms.
      All of this will be run by neo-fascist, Illuminist, Mario Draghi, Italy’s central bank President.

      It is incredible what was done with the funds that the Fed gave to AIG. US banks received $43.5 billion; France $19.1 billion; Germany $16.7 billion; UK $12.7 billion; Switzerland $5.4 billion; Netherlands $2.3 billion; Canada $1.1 billion; Spain $300 million and Denmark $200 million for a total of $101.3 billion.

      Americans no longer have any control over their financial institutions or their country.

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