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  • boiler_room_bermuda boiler_room_bermuda Sep 23, 2009 8:14 AM Flag

    the Ultimate Ponzi scheme...

    USA has massive amounts of coal, natural gas, corn fields, and CAT factories. FED is about ready to retract from easing...wish juices the US dollar and spoils goldmember buggery. This is the USA, not Africa!

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    • "USA has massive amounts of coal, natural gas, corn fields, and CAT factories."

      "CAT factories." - China, Japan and Korea have taken this business away. Also CAT manufactures Chinese equipment in China. The Chinese demand domestic manufactured equipment when it's internally used.

      Africa has plenty of resources too. The US is broke and it outsourced it's jobs, technology and wealth overseas. The US is a shell of it's self 25 years ago.

      Each debt-stimulus recovery gets more severe. The housing bubble bankrupted individuals. This debt-stimulus will bankrupt the US government. Technically the US government is already bankrupt.

      Their kicking the can down the road for the next person.

      The US will end up like Russia. Unable to afford it's debts and it's military.

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