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  • cde_biscuit cde_biscuit Oct 28, 2009 11:03 AM Flag

    Home values are not rising, don't believe them

    here's what bernanke needs to do to stop falling home prices. It is so easy.
    1. Set a target price for new homes 10% below current prices to allow for prices to fall further.
    2. crank up the gold price
    3. commodities follow, because all commodities are linked to gold.
    4. keep cranking gold until commodity input prices plus labor = target price. There is no profit at this price.
    5. housing now has a floor.

    Done. Balance is restored and gold is repriced to what it should be. This isn't rocket science people.

    Problem we have at current housing prices, there is still a profit. Retards are still building houses adding to the glut. Houses are still overpriced. We need to get rid of profit motive by increasing commodity costs dramatically.

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