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  • bio_man Dec 31, 2009 12:08 AM Flag

    The Dollar is going to get pulverized next week ....

    Next week?

    Try tomorrow. Dollar is already down .35c from intra-day high and still descending. Bernanke's latest printing of more dollars to give to GMAC is only going to send the dollar further downward. Gold is also making a moderate comeback, but more encouraging the technicals look extremely bullish. I'd say things star normalizing tomorrow, by that I mean Gold regains its upward move, the dollar retraces and continues downward.

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    • Audit of the FED will include audit of recent gold swaps and statements made by Bernanke that he didn't think there was a current gold bubble. So why did the FED do the obvious gold swaps (gold and dollar both down?) last couple weeks? I know why - pure greed and fraud.

      Just fueling more and more public outrage and voter backlash on people blocking fraud audit of FED and cronies and FED insider traders. How are the FED inside traders and gold swaps benefiting the taxpayer or anything except someones wallet? This is what happens in above the law arrangements and the system will fall apart when certain groups are above the law.

    • hclfc Dec 31, 2009 12:15 AM Flag

      I was hoping for a little more strength of the $ so gold could get down to $1050.

      It could still happen. 4Q whisper numbers in early january should help the dollar gain for a few more days but after the New Year Cheer wears off and real numbers come out it will tank again.

      3Q was originally 3.5% and revised down to 2.4%, take out cash for clunkers, we didn't have any such stimulus in 4Q, and we were flat to negative.

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