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  • eskapwitme3 eskapwitme3 Jan 22, 2010 2:59 PM Flag


    I am a retired person and my wife still works at a very low retail wage. We just got back from grocery shopping. A young..well dressed woman was ahead of us at the checkout counter..she had among other things..expensive shrimp..fresh fish..premium organge juice and many other items that I either dont even look at...or that my wife puts back on the shelf once I try to sneak one past her. The young woman paid for her elite list with an Illinois Assistance Card. Well..the register person put it through five times, while we all waited. It failed each time. Without questioning the reason it failed, the well dressed woman looked in her wallet and puttled out a Platinum Nordstrom Card...swiped it..and then went on her way. While we were waiting though all of this my wife was blasting me for choosing a package of Oscar Meyer Bacon..she said we should have chosen the much cheaper brand. We paid cash..since our bill was that we avoided or put back the food items we wanted and purchased just what we needed. My gripe that signals the end of times, isnt that the woman was using an assistance card. For the grace of God, it could have been me...or my wife..or my kids (who are losing their jobs). My gripe is that a Nordstrom credit card?..I cant even pay valet service to window shop there. And, again, why should somebody in need be purchasing a dream wish list of things..instead of being prudent?..Was it pure fraud?..I wont repeat stories how we have seen couples with two carts at check out with state or federal stamps or cards..and take them out to their 60,000 dollar suv in the parking lot. My civic is ten years old and runs fine, thank you. From top to bottom..from Washington to Hoyne Avenue in the old neighborhood, the smell of stench is coming to a bubbling soup of finality. (As for my wife complaining loudly to me...I saw a cartoon where one old man says to the other: God is the greatest inventor. He took a rib from Adam and turned it into a Loud Speaker!!)

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    • thank you for wife also thanks you...anytime she sees someone telling her that she is correct in 'straightening' me out is kind of a positive vindication for her...she believes that a woman's job is never done because their husbands are slow learners. Duhhhhhhh..what if she is right, again?..Have a great evening..esk

    • Glad you got outside eska... we finally had a relatively warm day after weeks in the deep freeze!

      Keeping your health is very important. You might want to limit your computer time. Constantly re-traumatizing yourself is bad your mental and physical being. Did you know that constant anger shrinks your brain? Good to be aware of what's happening but don't aggravate yourself about it. Your wife is right. Listen to her. There is little you can do, but little, is not nothing.

      For example: (1) Do your banking with local banks and credit unions that support your local community. (2) Seek out third party candidates and support them by sprending the word about them in your social network. (3) If your a religious man, then pray for what you want to see in the world. If not, just do relaxation meditation twice a day to repair your brain. (4) Gather your loved ones around and help them to see the best in themselves, listen to their ideas and thoughts, help them believe in themselves. Laugh! Have some fun!

      Our parents grew up during the great depression. They really enjoyed it -- singing, dancing, playing cards with all the relatives and neighbors. No computers. No TV. Just good times shared with others making their own entertainment -- it costs nothing.

      Good luck and good health :-)

    • good posts. We are not only in an economic crisis, we have a serious cultural crisis on our hands that I am not sure we can work out of since it is rotten through and through.

    • I did enjoy getting out..having pizza with my 93 year old mother and 85 year old uncle (her brother) daughter..and her two children..ages two and five. I am the one on the computer too much. I am the one with three differrnt blood pressure pills a day , getting mad at each news story. As my wife tells me: "I dont want to hear anymore..theres nothing we can do about it"....I did vote for the man in office..and he did almost everything contrary to the reasons he campaigned, I learned my lesson, again. And, with all these problems, what does he do?..He hires back his former campaign director. Yes, thats right..dont try a different economist or a different defense co=ordinator..but, higher someone who has a different set of half truths, since, the focus should be on not losing too badly in the next election, right?...Maybe, we truely are doomed and we should just enjoy a good walk in the park......til someone out of work mugs us.

    • You're welcome.

      Yes, they are that insulated. They lack for nothing and congress never has to live by any of rules they create. Congress has given themselves an extra special pension and healthcare plan. They will never want for anything as long as the current government is in power. Their "caring" is only in learning how to push our buttons with words to get the votes to return to party-land. I say vote the bums out and vote in a third party -- shake things up!

      What you are describing as your feelings about whether, or not, to abandon your moral center, to give up on being the good guy, is exactly what I meant by the fraying of society. That's when polite society ceases to function. Eventually, every individual must do whatever it takes to survive. Look at Haiti. That's why people are encouraging folks to stay connected to communities of other people. You may need them in the future if the ship is not righted soon, if it can be righted at all anymore.

      Jobs in state government are vulnerable right now as sales tax and income tax receipts are falling. That's the data that shows the status of the real economy. Federal government is probably safer. But, having tradable skills could ultimately be more valuable.

      Most of all... enjoy time with your loved ones. Make life as fun and hopeful as possible. Believe that you are rich in love and know that God loves you. You are a wonderous powerful human being gifted with greatness by the almighty. It's a miracle that we exist here in this space and time. Enjoy! Appreciate! Celebrate nature's wonderous beauties!

      Get off the computer and get outside! That's where I'm going now...

    • I just want to add another couple of personal insights. I use to work in a warehouse. I had a fellow employee who earned the same wage as I..and it was a very decent wage. We had medical insurance provided. He was much younger than I and had a two year old with a cyst on her stomach causing much pain and many hospital treatments. He even had a nurse come to his home and provide some kind of treatment to his daughter. When I asked how he could afford all those co payments on emergency rooms and specialists and homecare, he said: no problem..I dont pay the co-pay. He just gave the hospital his insurance card and never paid any balance. I said: why that would ruin your credit standing..they would certainly go after you, no? He said: I dont have a phone. I throw away all mail. I always go to the hospital. And, as to his credit score, he replied: I always buy a car privately. I will never own a house, it will be in my mothers name, anyway. He borrowed money at times from fools at work and never paid back what he owed. AND, HE WAS IN A POSITION TO BE RESPONSIBLE..HE COULD HAVE PAID HIS BILLS AND OBLIGATIONS..BUT, HE CHOSE NOT TO DO SO. I remember some chineese head who once said: when you live in the sea, you learn how to swim. Too many people and more each day, choose to not be responsible. And, government with very little to no oversight, encourages this behavior. It wont take long for those who still play fair to be sucked under. All people who are citizens are entitled to only survival benefits. No one is entitled to a life style that working people cant even afford. I know there are many who, even with assistance, are living in very harsh conditions. But, there are so many who choose to 'game' the system. I had someone in my family who use to be in the construction industry. He worked seasonally and made more in eight months than I did in twelve months. In the winter he received assistance for being out of work. Many times driving through snowstorms to get to work, I wondered how could people make more than I and get paid extra for not working when the weather got bad. Again, assistance should be for survival..not for the maintaining of a life style of collossal shrimp and fresh fish. The signs of an ending of this kind of entitlements are at hand.

    • I know many collecting stamps. Working for cash. No one saves as personal responsibility!
      Govt. debt. skyrockets threatening the money we work for! Nobody cares

    • That's a very familiar landscape across America and
      not even surprised at it.

      My former girlfriend lives on food stamps and she is
      a reckless spender too. I am Japanese and used to the
      frugal lifestyle and I find it very hard to fathom how
      many people spend like there's no tomorrow.


    • this all says that the govt's meddling with income distribution is a failed exercise!

      it will all end very badly!

      load up gold and silver before the time runs out!

    • If only people just understood how things are supposed to work....

      Backwards thinking. Greedy, not giving. Pay no attention to the rest of the world as long as they have their PDA...

      PEACE and GLTU

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