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  • professor_terguson professor_terguson Sep 3, 2010 6:57 PM Flag

    Gold is for widows and orphans

    Widows and orphans should be in investments that go up in value, never in investments that lose value.

    All investors should be 100% in investments that go up in value.


    up $10 for the week

    up $65 for August

    up $150 Year to Date

    up $280 for 12 months

    Up 75% since Obama was elected

    up $975 for 10 years, up every single year for 10 straight years.

    Cramer says 10% gold. If you lose half your value on the 90%, what good is 10% in gold? Makes no sense.

    Professor Terguson
    Contemporary American History

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    • What really goes against the grain, IMHO, is the idea that one should "diversify" one's holdings, spreading around the savings into many different stocks and bonds offsetting the likelihood that if a few investments lose money, the other investments will make up the difference. Just about every talking head insists upon using this approach to savings. In THIS market, IMVHO, that advise doesn't hold water.

      One could look at precious metals as not really being an investment, but actually a vehicle that preserves the value of one's EXISTING savings. With inflation eating up gains, in addition to fees and taxes, why freak out trying to avoid losing investments and playing the shell game by searching for the perfect stock or bond when you could rest your weary noggin' and put your trust into PHYSICAL GOLD?

      In this bear market, buy and hold is buy and die. Even some gold and silver mines will lose out and become bad investments, but nothing holds it's value like the real deal, Gold and Silver.

      >>>This secular bear market is expected to last for many years, eating away at investors’ hopes and dreams and portfolios along the way. Don’t let your portfolio be one of them. Now is the time to make an investment in your future, because the future is precious metals bullion.<<<

    • Professor ________,

      Thank you for adding one more piece of evidence to the theory that the American Higher Education system is failing us.

      What does Cramer's advice mean anyway? It's completely useless. He often gives investors a look behind the scenes of Wall Street for all things immaterial, but then he will sucker a bunch of his followers into buying something that institutions are pimping him out to pump so they can unload. So why even reference Cramer? He's completely irrelevant. 10% gold? Are you kidding?

      What if everybody in the world had 10% in gold? It wouldn't be possible, because gold we be so overinvested that we'd all be carrying around dust in our pockets. Not really too practical to use tweezers to exchange gold dust, Joe Scholar-Pack.

      Gold used to have a lot more value than it does now. In today's modern economy, it has never been more useless. Meanwhile, there is a massive direct-to-consumer advertising campaign to convince them that gold will keep going up as it has done for the last 10 years. The last time I saw such a concerted effort to get the masses to buy anything was in 2004-2005 when every other late night infomercial was teaching people how to master the real estate market and become instantly wealthy.

      Gold is about to start a new 10-15 year period of getting beat by the market. Very few people are willing to say that, which is exactly why it's going to happen. Gold is a terrible investment at these levels, so you better hope for a last pop to unload, because it's highly probable that the price is going to start to crumble.

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      • So your theory is that we printed so much money that gold cannot be used as a currency to back it all. Therefore, since we printed so much money, gold is worthless and useless?

        Does that actually make sense to you?

        Here is an alternate theory. The whole world uses gold as money. We printed so much paper money that it will buy a whole lot less gold in the near future. There is zero problem backing paper money with gold. You just prefer to think it has to happen at the present value and not at $5000-$10000 an ounce as everyone here has been saying for years.

      • nice comparing apples to oranges dummy! the real estate market was supported by big government via fannie mae, freddie mac and tax deductions -- don't think I can get a loan guarantee from Master Obama to buy some gold DUMMY

      • What does Cramer's advice mean anyway? It's completely useless

        The few experts that rec gold say 7% to 10%. They are "Old School". Things change. Those are the old pre-angry Muslim days.

        93% are bearish on gold

        6% are "Old School" bullish on gold. 7% to 10%

        1% are 100% in gold

        Professor Terguson is a 1%er

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