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  • market_logic2010 market_logic2010 Oct 21, 2010 7:56 PM Flag

    Rare Earth Stocks Crash

    Not only Rogers. Soros is shorting gold, as is Goldman Sachs and JPM.

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    • this is not a surprise.
      of course soros and jpm and gs are shorting.

      We have talked about this for years on this board. And they have been shorting for years.

      soros=jpm=gs=hsbc - these people are in the same club

      Actually I believe HSBC is the biggest gold short seller.

      But who knows the real story with Soros. You think Soros and BUffet and Munger are telling us what they are really doing. NO !

      Soros says he is shorting but he is buying gold.

      And Rogers is partners with Soros.

      So, you think Rogers is going to publically say gold is in a 10 year gold bull market that is going to last another 5+ years. He won't even if he believed that.

      I have heard Rogers speak and he is no dummy. Just look at the long term gold chart and it tells everything. Rogers know this but he is not saying this because its against club rules.

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