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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Nov 13, 2010 10:02 PM Flag

    My Hair Stood on the Back of my Neck!

    When I got around to calculating the final number.

    Mitigating Factors : Calculus will play a part as time alters rates of change for the better
    : Gold will become worth more over time
    : I used generalities but they are fairly accurate

    Aggravating Factors : Calculus will play a part as time alters rates of change for the worse
    : Gold production will decrease as it becomes harder to find

    Amount of tangible wealth on Planet Earth: $50 Trillion
    Amount of outstanding Derivate wealth still waiting to be realized: $500 trillion (Was $550)

    Gold's best year of World Wide Production was 2001: 2645 Tonnes (In Decline ever since)
    Price of Gold: $1400 Per Ounce

    If we multiply $1400 x 16 Ounces x 2000lbs (Tonne) x 2645 = $118496000000 / Year

    Assuming maximum amount of production as in 2001 to allow for conservative estimates, which is a very generous assumption. Also assuming Gold to remain at $1400 Per Ounce.

    If we divide this maximum value of Gold mined per year by the outstanding Derivative Claims it would take........

    4219 Years of Mining at maximum capacity to make our system whole again! I doubt there is even that much Gold on the planet let alone mining it.

    Has no one stopped to understand what a Trillion is yet? Of course the Powers that be have, but you haven't!

    The rise in price of Gold will be offset by the decrease in production so for all intents and purposes $1400 an ounce is a fair value in this example.

    One other way to make our Financial System whole again would be to revalue Gold at 10x it's current value ($50 Trillion vs $500 Trillion)

    Gold at $14,000 an ounce.

    I sold my Gold last week but I plan to buy back January 1st when they are done running QE2. My estimate for Gold was $20,000 an ounce before I did this math, now I feel $10,000 an ounce is more likely. It sounds very strange to most people, but these are usually the same people (American) who have been fleeced of the very homes they live in without even realizing it. Their level of realization has been discredited in my opinion. My comments are not meant to offend, they are to infuriate you such that you will make the changes necessary to take back control of your Country!

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