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  • cde_biscuit cde_biscuit Dec 21, 2010 8:40 PM Flag

    IMF sure was quiet about that last 200 tons of gold

    I remember when the IMF used to warn ten times that they were going to sell gold, getting a $10 gold drop with each warning. Now they announce after the fact with tails between their legs. LMFAO you stink IMF.

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    • How about taking it at face value.
      This was a planned sale. We all knew about it. They sold it over 4 months and it had no impact on the price.
      They now have 25% less than they had .
      Certain countries shored up their reserves.
      And now we continue on our merry way to $2000 or higher, over time. So long as they keep printing presses going, monetize debt, maintain the CPI at near zero (except of course the price of fuel and food) LOL
      It's all a part of the new world order.
      No doom. No gloom.
      Just debt monetization and it's impact on world economies and commodities.
      Enjoy it.

    • They had to carefully choose people who would trust the IMF to hold that gold for them because none of it actually exists. When the IMF defaults on its gold obligations, that will be a real scene. I believe I read that they hold gold in allocated and unallocated accounts for nations. They have different names for it. But the unallocated for sure is just paper entries. The allocated probably is just paper entries as well.

    • Once India bought 1/2 of their gold immediately, it became a joke. If they came out to sell all of their gold, China would buy the whole thing.... and the IMF would have no gold and only paper loans. Notice that it took a full year to sell the remaining 200 tons at much higher prices than what India paid?

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