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  • gotgoldies gotgoldies Aug 30, 2011 1:09 PM Flag

    Does Gold pay rent?


    I'm looking at collecting some rent but I doubt they will pay me in Gold.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Does a job pay the rent? It does not. You work in return for paper. You use the paper to pay rent.

      Your rambling has no merit.

      I'd be more than happy to accept gold as rent payment. I would not accept the promise of labor for rent payment.

      PS: Many use their car to pay the rent. It's called a payday loan.

    • After it squats in your property for free for 3 years, trashes the place, and fills your drains with cement.

    • masterblastersims Aug 30, 2011 3:06 PM Flag

      I gave my landlord a gold buffalo in lieu of rent

      He was stoked

    • Who u kiddin? You pay rent LOL

      • 1 Reply to thegoldude747
      • I own... but renting is the "way to go" going forward... average real-estate gonna tank in the aggregate, about another 20%... I'll keep the house or dump it... really doesn't matter... but it's
        near enough to the beach and Atlantic City (out in the country about 12w of AC) to probably keep it.

        I plan to "live in hotels" in the near-future, just chasing nice weather... like wintering in Texas (stay with my brother, if the kids don't annoy me too much). And up to Vancouver, Portland, or New England in the summer. Just day-trading with my laptop mostly. Some Europe... Some South America... maybe even Chang Mai (Thailand)...

        still dreaming I guess, other stuff will probably over-ride.

        I could have been a landlord, too...someone was going to use me as a front-man...everything in my name...and I could keep it all...(they didn't care about the money...) I was a problem to them and they figured they could keep me out of trouble with that maneuver...started to set it all up for me... but I figured having to be responsible for lots of tenants and managing a big place...slum landlord kind of thing... so I withdrew...
        at the time I was working a regular job and didn't do stock-mkt stuff, so it was a lot to turn down... now, it doesn't matter anymore.

        but, I always wonder how that would have changed my life...

        so, it's RENT going forward... and, by-the-way, a lot of those McMansions... sometimes you can "cut a deal" with the bank holding the mortgage for cheap rent...They want you to keep the property up WHILE THEY HAVE TO SIT ON IT...

        like there is "someone" living there so vagrants don't break in... also keep it from going to "seed" mildew...frozen pipes in the winter... that kind of thing...

        check it out if you have "decent credentials" and need a good "rent deal!"

        I will, when I decide to move about.



    • I'm sorry that:
      1) you lost your ass betting against gold
      2) you don't understand economics and that gold has been a
      store of value since man walked upright.
      3) you don't understand the difference between liquidity and value

      but please stop spamming your ignorance on this board

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