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  • jesse.livermore jesse.livermore Sep 21, 2011 10:23 PM Flag

    Scary Market Action....

    Mid day reversals are always worth paying attention too, particularly in price infusion items like this hyped gold...Infusions require increasing prices...stalls enevitably lead to price collapses...

    Today's action looks pretty innocent when looked at superficially because the volume was so unimpressive. But a closer look shows the first 2/3s of the day when the price was rising there was very thin trading...but when the the market turned and the price began to drop the volume picked up and was quite impressive...This will be missed by many who look merelt at the daily volume....But this pattern shows gold is in a perilous place...

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    • Monday...Early action in NYC points to a stormy session...Iceberg warnings..issued...rout will continue..

      ":>) JL

    • The Largest Traders are moving their Unwinding in an orderly matter ahead of the full disclosure of the Massive Bubbles and the Economic Hazards which will not find any resolution for better that a month and even then the situation and the sure may never be fully realized not to mention the massively over Bloated EURO and other Majors vs the USD

      Those speculators and longs will at some point realize that


      First, Denial!

      Second, Combativeness!

      Last, Acceptance!

      By the time we get to acceptance most every retailer will have been crushed!

      Just Sayin!

    • Its monday Skippy...

      You must be really bummed out today...Jets down the drain...Gold in a full dress retreat...Guess you should of paid attention to my little observations.

      By the way this Gold Crash is not the markets being rigged by Dr. Evil or one of your fantasies...It was the Gold Bubble that was a fantasy...Fiat money..hah...hyper inflation...moronic...Gold is no more likely to become a global currency than sugar beets are...Oil or energy would have a slim

      And do not think this thing is over by any means...I look for some short term reactions...regressions to a mean as traders take profits...but history says (unlike you and "the professor" understand) that gold is going the way of the Titanic....but I guess you will be one of the ones not on a lifeboat...

      ":>) JL

    • Well Skippy...

      Still ignoring reality...Guess that mid day correction was worth paying attention to..

      ":>) JL

    • Skippy..

      Show some class...You know nothing about my trades and calling me a liar because I do not agree with you...Well maybe that's a NJ thing....

      The market will settle the issue....Good luck...

      ":>) JL

    • I really don't mean to sound rude, but everything you post is negative no matter what the current conditions might be for gold. You don't believe half of the stuff you write so you obviously have a short position or work for jpm. You should do the world a favor and ki ll yourself. Seriously.

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      • Dear Skip...

        Maybe you should pay more attention to what I said and stop living in your fantasy world...What I said is the price action was very was and look what we are seeing today...a break below the $1750 support level...

        Go ahead, be pig headed...or you have the option of waking up and getting your butt out before you lose everything...There is no "inflation" could there be with almost 20% 0f the consumer class out of work and the wealthy nursing their 4% 30year T-note...

        WAKE UP...before the train rolls over you...

        ":>) JL

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