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  • savvy_investor123 savvy_investor123 Dec 6, 2011 8:15 AM Flag

    Borrowers must sign the 20 year raw material 20%-30% discount supply contracts

    for borrowing money from USA for their emerging nation infrastructure loans to create jobs and pay for domestic infrastructure projects.

    Meanwhile those emerging nation borrowers must turn in their stocked Gold, Silver, crude oil, and other commodities as the collaterals(or security deposits) for their loans for 20 years.

    By doing the global lending, the rest world ship their Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, stocked raw materials, and other commodities to USA and it will bring down crude oil price sharply in USA.

    At the same time, USA will have over 70% to 90% of global Gold, Silver, and ther commodities in a relative short period. The support to US dollars will be tremendous!

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    • You need stronger meds....Nobody is handing any gold over to the US. In fact they are repatriating their gold home because the US is corrupt and likes to steal assets from accounts.....In fact this will cause the US to crater because of the lack of contract law.....

      By the way the US is a third world nation...Emerging markets own the US. Get used to it......

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