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  • dumpbot dumpbot Jan 12, 2012 3:38 PM Flag

    Miners seem quite cheap compared to bullion?

    Anyone else think miners are a good buy right now when compared to bullion?

    And BTW IMO its not just gold miners that seem cheap. Its almost all miners I follow PMs and Base Ms

    Just my two cents anyways.

    Who else likes or dislikes miners and why?

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    • There has not been a lot of takeover excitement in the gold miners for a while, but at today valuations its got to be an attractive way for big miners to expand production and reserves. look at inmet ( around mid november and while its more copper than gold it could be a start of a trend. It could wake up the sector.

    • like the miners as their p/e has come down to more reasonable values. They used to have large premiums and now more like discount. A lot of people were sold on the bullion over miners since there is not mining operational risk and that does happen, just look at the dip aem took a while back, but it has now recovered nicely. What people forget is that risk and reward are tied and miners can have good fortune like larger than anticipated ore body or higher grade than expecte. What i think is missing is some of the takeover premium, and once a few acquistions/takeovers happen it should spur some excitement into the miner stocks. so both bullion and miners look worth some investment risk today. pehaps more upside for the miners in a gold price run.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • dont bother putting any money into any miner stocks because all the money that used to be invested in them is being invested into the etfs so there is no way they are going to move up, you are better off buying some physical gold or silver

    • Most mines in the US will probably be shut down by EPA regulations in the coming decade. At the minimum their operating costs are going to skyrocket.

      Most of the rest are in countries where they could be nationalized at any moment.

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