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  • jaymedimond jaymedimond Mar 2, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    JoeyT must pay for his GREED!!!

    First he shorted AAPL and got runover.

    Now he's one of the weak-handed longs (a la Cartman) who dumped quickly on Wed ("reversal" -- LOL) and went short!

    He just bashed gold again on Fast Money.

    He'll find this trade working just like his AAPL short!

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    • you should feel better you now have guy long gold after years of not. all gold bugs that stay to long always pay for there greed only a matter of time have been warned

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      • Would'nt surprise me if you are Joe T. The skunk haircut unliked bozo.

        I am not by any means a Gold Bug. I TRADE GLD... Buying lower than previous sell always. Have'nt lost a penny yet trading GLD. I bought the dip... Going to sell half @ $169.5 and the rest around $171. From there it's trading as usual.

        Gold will bounce near term, & dip very soon thereafter. As long as inflation is front and center and will be for quite some sime, Gold remains attractive. I really don't care where Gold ends up... But my DD finds the long term concensus being Gold @ $2500. I believe that, and intend to trade it as long as I can. I never go All In on GLD... Nor have I recently. Picked up a nice chunk at the bottom of the Dip and way ahead for it already. Even if you're right about $164 by Tuesday which is possible but unlikely, I'm STILL ahead. No worries on my side, and I hope everybody makes good money with GLD. It's the way it ought to be IMO.

        Long AAPL, GLD & Oil.


    • He's the biggest joke on that network. No idea why he's on aside from being buddy-buddy with Scott W.

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