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  • robtl robtl Jul 14, 2012 9:34 PM Flag

    last year 46,000 canadians came to the

    Most homes do not burn down, yet most have fire insurance. With your reasoning young families should not have health insurance. If a child becomes seriously ill, as I've experienced, who picks up the tab if no insurance?

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    • democrats_are_satan_disciples democrats_are_satan_disciples Jul 14, 2012 9:41 PM Flag

      They took the risk, it is their kid-- they should pay their own medical bills even if they have to work 3 jobs --- however democrats wrote a law that says that hospitals must treat you even if you dont have any money. That is why border town hospital emergency rooms are full of illegal aliens with no money and taxpayers are left with the bill for these foreigners who are here illegally.

      Now Obama is closing border patrol stations and refusing to deport illegal aliens. USA Constitution requires that illegal aliens be deported.

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