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  • freddy632 Sep 3, 2012 8:15 AM Flag

    GLD contact experience


    Never realized such vile people were behind GLD's support line. I seriously hope they haven't been pulling the same garbage on me since I have a bit of an accent too. It saddens me how people like these individuals find entertainment in tormenting others.

    This topic is deleted.
    • Barmy, you do realize there wouldn't be any "tortured life stories" if SSgA didn't screw up right? If you all haven't realized it by now, there is a reason why SSgA will always be second to BlackRock. SSgA is full of these low-life screw ups.

    • They weren't this obscenely unprofessional the last time I contacted them. I'm interested in verifying this incident.


      I don't imagine many people taking this kind of #$%$ laying down. You're kidding yourself if you think so.

    • Thoth nathty nathty peoples! I do not haf a sthpeath impediment but thertainly can commitherate with you.

      By the way, what does this have to do with GLD as an investment? Some of you clearly seek masochistic motivated attention, but this board isn't for your tortured life stories or cheap thrills.

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