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  • golfbumsnc golfbumsnc Nov 23, 2012 6:19 PM Flag

    When i moved back to NY 2 months ago

    I travelled with over 300 pounds of PMs in the trunk of my grand marquis, or roughly $4.2M. Was i nuts? I could have hired a Brinks but i don't trust anyone. How would you have transported this much Gold? I must admit i was a bit nervous in my travels.

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    • Grand Marquis? good, Made in America

      "Gold Shorts" drive German and Japanese cars.

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      • Mmmmmm, I'm a gold long and I drive an 18 year old Nissan Maxima. Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Bose stereo, sun roof, leather, takes off like a rocket and it won't let you lock yourself out of the car if the keys are in the ignition. What a car! Can go to over 300,000 miles I have been told. Just think of all the gold I bought with the money I saved by not buying new cars!

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    • Golf
      Don't tell me your previous car was a Chrysler Cordoba as recommended by Ricardo Montalbán. The four-door Grand Marquis is an upgrade from the two-door Cordoba, but the Grand Marquis is not the same without the soft Corinthian leather of the Cordoba. Of course, I was wondering if you had left your house in NC unattended with all that Gold. The retarded neighbor boy might be reporting that the "movers" had successfully carted off the Brown safe while you were out. So, let's try to make that at least $4.7 M or more for you by the end of next week.
      P.S. It is always helpful when you report on unusual APMEX sales.

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      • Hi friend, My previous car was a 2002 Honda S2000 that i sold on Ebay back in may for $16,200, the proceeds went directly into 500 Silver Libertads at $27.60 spot $30.39 net. Anyway, sales at Apmex have been strong, below $1,700 spot extremely strong. It seems price is no object at these levels. It also seems that no one is selling, they were out of Pamp suisse 1 oz, and 10 oz, bars for over a week and they are still waiting for shipment of new bars at the end of the month. On Wednesday after the close some one bought 17 10 Ounce Pamp for $300K that won't arrive until Dec the 5th. Everything is selling and the premiums are rising, ask and bid. The krugerrand and Philharmonics random years have risen by $15 premium to buy and the bids have risen to $28 above the paper spot for the Krugerrands which normally are between $5 and $15. No new Kruggerands have been available for over a month now. No loose bars have been available for several weeks. I expect the premiums to rocket higher once the buying begins in earnest as was seen in March of 2009 when they shot up to $149.99 per ounce, so if you are thinking of buying, do it now before the people wake up. Once the public starts buying they will have to raise the premiums to try and quell the demand. I won't be surprised to see $300-$500 above spot for premiums as there simply isn't enough Gold for everyone. All in all the purchase orders have been good. Friday, however there was very little physical buying, so people will be thinking long and hard this weekend whether or not to take advantage of any further dips or to just pay the price if Gold rises this week. We shall see. .... BTW the 12 year old retarded child economist comes with me wherever i go, he is my friend as well as my advisor and has been with me the past 39 years. I think you know what i mean. Cheers.....

    • Dumb and dumber is onsale for Black Friday.

      Then get Liar-Liar.

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