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  • jzandmebuddies jzandmebuddies Jan 26, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    When something goes up for years you are

    need to take profits before somebody else takes them...

    look at apple as an $700 somebody was smart enough to say it was a great run...this is 10 years of work at $700 on the table to be had...time to grab it.....

    because there is not a infinite amount of profits to be had.....regardless of how well the company did....

    those who bought gold and are up and who sell up here will have hedged against the money printing of the last 10 years.....those who don't sell and hold will lose out on the benefits of holding gold over the last 10 years and there by lose their hedge against money printing. To say something has gone up 8 fold over 12 years and still needs to go up more is silly. Gold is an opportunity to hedge...but that opportunity can not be had by everyone.

    Some will understand what I am talking about and some will not....some sell apple at $700 to grab profits and some sell gold at $1680 to book their hedge.

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    • Debt in 1960 was 30 bn Gold was $37.

      Debt in 1987 was 2 trillion Gold was $267.

      Debt in 2003 was 3 trillion Gold was $300.

      Debt in 2006 was 8 trillion Gold was $800.

      Debt in 2012 was 16.6 trillion Gold was $1660.

      Gold is worth a minimum of $100 per trillion. The one execption was when Gold was $800 per trillion in 1980.

      Debt in 1980 was 1 trillion Gold was $850.


    • most of the world still wants/needs the US$ to remain strong and that is bad news for gold. Still long term the relentless stimulus procrastination will result in higher gold prices but for short term looks weak.

    • Now Mr. Gartman says gold is not the place to be in 2103. Starting to think he is right to change his mind. The debt crisis has been pushed down the road so any gold rally has been stalled out.

    • When the debt starts contracting I'll sell. So when do you see that happening?

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      • Same old tired argument that doesn't make any real sense.

        Are you holding gold because the debt keeps going up and you think the dollar is going to collapse?

        That could be tomorrow...or 25 years from now...most likely not anytime soon.

        Even if dollar collapsed...the guy who is levered up on his home will do much better than gold owners. The guy who owns blue chip stocks that carry debt will also do better.

        In the meantime gold owners sit around and wait for a greater fool to come along.

        Interested rates will be rising sooner than you think and this will be back below $1000.

        I know so many idiots who wouldn't buy gold in 2003 when I told them to who now say they are long gold and then they regurgitate the same stale argument that i gave them almost 10 hears ago.

        The fact is....The world is producing more than Ever before....

        More World production needs more money...plain and simple.

        Take out the nations defense budget over the last 40 years and their is your debt....that is important to understand because our defense budget is a budget for all of the nations in the UN...and they all agreed that the dollar is the reserve currency.

        Anybody who disagrees...gets annihilated.

        It was a good run for gold...But it is over.

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