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  • smokeskull smokeskull Jan 31, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

    Gold reality resistors amuse me

    I thought about the mindet of people who refuse to accept the math and the gold situation today. It is amusing to see people self immolate to pretend a valueless paper coupon for labor and goods, which is printed at will by criminal #$%$, can possibly hold a shred of value.

    I don't trade things of value for the next five minutes or even the next day. I understand the urge, I am just not that ignorant about the situation today. If you think people are going to be paying USD for things in 20 years, you are sorely mistaken. The current Dollar might as well be Confederate money. You have idiots like Feinstein and Obama setting economic policy. You have straight up Keynesian fools like Bernanke in charge of a paper money supply with no backing. It is over.

    No fraud survives the press release. The only thing under the paper Dollar and Treasury debt is straight up denial of reality. Like a Madoff investor pretending his last account statement is real, paper money and debt holders are completely delusional and of no consequence to the real economy.

    It is over. If you think gold is expensive, all I can say is, LOL. Not even on the most rarefied and dilluted gold standard would gold be this underpriced. And we are going back to a gold standard in the end because nothing else works as a standard for global trade. Either we get gold or we get global war. Either way, the USD is dead.

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