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  • bridgitte_baidu bridgitte_baidu Mar 18, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    Alan Greenspan said the US banking system today in 2013 .. are even worst than the 2008/2009 crisis

    He said another crisis is coming.. going to be far worst than 2008/2009.. this time USD is going to zero

    Buy Gold and Silver

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    • Last crisis 2008/2009, the central bankers around the world printed well above $10 trillion combined .. all it did is buying some time to cover up all the toxic bad debt. The $1.5 trillion of asset backed mortgage toxic that bernanke bought during the crisis.. today, all those toxic paper are still WORTHLESS

      Since 2008/2009... the bankers never de-leveraged.. instead they leveraged even more sheet in their portfolio than ever before... Alan Greenspan sees another financial meltdown coming that's going to be far worst than 2008/2009

      This coming crisis.. Is Bernanke going to print $50 trillion ??

      USD, EURO, YEN and many more... these are all monopoly money... they're fake money... they're backed by nothing... they're worthless... it could easily go to ZERO...

      Gold and Silver is "REAL MONEY"... been around for thousands of years... wayyyyyyyy longer than all these monopoly money

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