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  • bullionstacker315 bullionstacker315 Apr 16, 2013 7:59 PM Flag

    Nearly Everyone Declaring the Gold Bull Run is Over.

    Gold sentiment has now become beyond negative. It is as if gold is dismissed now. Even long-term goldbug Richard Russell today wrote that he doesn't know what to think about gold and he doesn't know how to advise his subscribers (he has been a steadfast goldbug for decades). Also, NPR did a segment today that discussed the end of the gold run.
    Even during the spike low in 2008, it seemed like it was still a battle between gold and fiat. Yet now, I sense a clear perception shift. I know bullion and central banks are buying and a small segment of the population is buying like crazy - but for the most part the general perception seems to be that the gold run is over.
    I've bought more physical this week, and I'm holding on, but it is a bit eerie seeing long term gold bugs with deep conviction now talk with a shaky voice.

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    • How stupid can you be? Biggest one day drop since 1983? Doesn't that tell you anything?!? It's over. Gold price is collapsing. Get out or you are going to lose a lot more money. Gold never has anything to do with fundamentals. In 1980, the fundamental story for gold was good too but gold price still collapsed.

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