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  • jshmyhrn jshmyhrn Apr 18, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

    At the end of the day - gold and silver is the only way to preserve wealth

    Warren Buffet is a complete joke when talking about gold. First, very self serving, for Buffet's whole life is tied to the paper fiat currency. Gold has been money for over 5,000 years! Gold is accepted as money in every part of the world. Gold increases in supply, less than 3% per year, while paper trash currency grows over 13% per year.

    The power players(Buffet), power institutions(big banks/fraud street), and big governments of the developed world - FEAR the acceptance of gold and silver. For, when the scam of fiat currency is realized, the rich lose much of their wealth, big institutions go out of business, and governments will actually have to operate on a budget. No printing of gold to pay for the latest bridge to nowhere, the latest favor to a campaign contributor, etc...

    A question, The Fed has increased money supply bt over $2 trillion in the last 3 years, a 300% growth in paper trash currency - what asset is backing up these newly printed dollars???? NOTHING!! The US did not discover new land, obtain more assets - nothing backs up the dollar, other than a sheep population being taxed to death - this is ending too.

    Further, gold and silver can be handed down to your next generation, a difficult asset for the tax man to keep track. Buy all the physical gold and silver possible.

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