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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 30, 2013 5:17 AM Flag

    Old Sleazo, aka Gartman, finally admits he hates gold miners, but LIES again with PHONY pump of GLD/gold trash


    Ladies, as I've tried to teach the mentally challenged types who cheerlead gold, silver, and all things USELESS, Old Sleazo has provided MASSIVE $$$ PROFITS for those SMART market pros and vets who have bet against his every PHONY pump of the sick golds and silvers.

    Today, on CNBCrapola, the DISINFO channel he utilizes for his PHONY PUMPS, he finally confessed he hates ALL miners, but he continued to LIE THROUGH HIS ROTTEN TEETH when he declared that he prefers ETFs or gold itself.

    FACT: following ALL PHONY pumps of golds and silvers by Old Sleazo over the past DECADES, ALL pathetic golds and silvers have ALWAYS DIVED immediately thereafter into the toilet...that includes miners, ETFs and physical, WITHOUT exception...every single time!!!!!

    Ladies, you best learn quickly that Old Sleazo acts as a DISINFO WHOORE SHILL for longtime gold SHORT bullion banks, notably J Aron, subsidiary of Goldman, the slimiest bank in the world today that now controls the entire US government and all related societal apparatus, as one of the constituent owners of the Federal Reserve. Pity his POOR dumb naive and/or lamebrain clients who believe any of his ALWAYS PHONY PUMPS of ALL these DYING golds and silvers.

    Ladies, after TWO YEARS of near perfect analyses and forecasts of these MEGA BEARISH golds, silvers, and rare earths, you can NOT argue I've earned the right to and learn from your intellectual and LEARN!!!!

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