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  • steverosse48 steverosse48 May 15, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Is the US government set on destroying Gold's value?

    It appears as though the manipulative US government along with the manipulative banksters are set on destroying Gold's valuation, especially on the electronic exchanges. The increase Gold price and it's relative valuation has not even come close to the increases of the stock market (Dow Jones) which has increased exponentially from a 161 points in the 1950's to today's 15,250 level which is 95X times... especially considering all of the current currency devaluations and future inflation, wouldn't something intrinsic, enduring and relatively rare such as Gold which can be exchanged anywhere in the world hold it's value better than the fiat currency (on life support steriods)? I just do not get this manipulation... other than the manipulated increases in the FOREX market favoring the USD... the rest of this decline in Gold truly doesn't make any sense to me. Are there any non anti-gold nor gold bugs who care to respond with a logical analysis and forward prediction?

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