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  • canine_cunning canine_cunning Jun 26, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    more lessons for gold and silver suckers, part 3


    bottom line: i could write many many pages of erudite material explaining why golds/silvers are THE worst investments in history, and that is especially true when you consider that it REQUIRED a rising dow/nasdaq for golds/silvers to rise these past 13 years.....ergo, in REAL terms, the gold/silver dupes never made any notable REAL gains in net worth.

    Furthermore, I could demonstrate again that golds/silvers FAILED repeatedly as flight to safety assets during ALL international crises for the past several years, thereby proving how worthless they have become.....

    But here's the bottom line: as long as america allows MONOPOLY CAPITALISM to flourish, then you best dispense with the idea there are free markets in america....they died years ago, and now only controlled markets are allowed to exist. As long as the Federal Reserve and its constituent owners control those markets, they will never never never allow golds/silvers to trade freely and rise to the kinds of heights that would have occurred if a genuine free market existed in the USA.

    There is NO democracy, ladies, you are all merely serfs and peasants working for the inherited money ivy league she-males on wall street, none of whom have one ounce of real talent, other than the ability to pass inside info amongst themselves to steal your $$$ each and every day.

    case closed, you better load the boat with in the money puts....out of the money WRITTEN the max...against every stock bearing the name gold or silver...and you can purse the exact same strategy in the rare earth sector, and you will do just as well....and for reasons that would require many more paragraphs of explanation....but suffice it to say, wall street decided many moons ago to ship all the vital USA manufacturing to china, and allow china to perpetuate its global monopoly in rare earths... because ONLY profit guides all wall street strategy, they could care less about america, contrary to their assertions otherwise LOL

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    • I totally agree with you that wall street and our government will continue to abuse the system. I think this will continue until somebody else stops them. When China and Russia come clean about how much physical gold
      they have, that will be the game changer and the paper game will be over. WE ARE ON THEIR TIMETABLE FOR THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. When that happens the US will find out that other countries may not be willing to take worthless pieces of paper for REAL goods.

    • montecristoholdings Jun 26, 2013 11:25 PM Flag

      Listen insect insight get ready for me to flag you all over again

    • It is because Capitalism has at least once flourished in the US, that your country was not taken over by the Germans after WWII. Germans were training people to manage certain areas of this country after their inevitable victory. Capitalisms a'bility to make military hardware faster than it could be destroyed during the war was an asset for us.

      My nephew is from the IVY league. You just sound jealous. He got hired to do a job and his employer is please d with his efforts. He doesn't work in a financial house .

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