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  • canine_cunning canine_cunning Jul 5, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    How I learned to make $$$$ betting against gold/silver in corrupted markets....


    yes, girls, many many many moons ago, I used to "believe" the fairy tales about gold/silver, the number one fairy tale being that they trade in a free market, when they never have.....then one day, I finally "got it" and realized that long bets in golds/silvers are ALWAYS doomed to fail...and most importantly, wall street's major banks and funds have been NET SHORT golds/silvers MOST OF THE TIME over the past 50 years.

    In fact, given the wall street banks/funds complete control of the sec/cftc, they have been able to do whatever they want to suppress and drop gold/silver prices, whenever the whim hits them. Mostly, they have contrived all variety of paper gold/silver scams....central bank leasing of gold....creation of ETFs......cooperation of gold miner proxies (barrick) to forward sale aka short sell five years of gold mining supply.....dutch auction (lowest bidder wins) of 50% of Bank of England gold.....corruption of former goldman employee and european bank head, mario draghi, to PRE-announce national gold sales to achieve lowest possible price.......ALL designed to crash the gold/silver prices over the past several DECADES.

    essentially, girls, goldman sachs, jp morgan, et al have contrived DECADES of paper scams to destroy gold/silver prices, all under the phony pretext of us dollar protection and protection of the us economy....and in fact, ALL paper scams contrived to steal $$$ from gold/silver investors for DECADES, with complete impunity from their overt felonious actions. They have STOLEN BILLIONS of dollars from gold/silver investors via insider trading, collusion, price rigging, cronyism, of the most flagrant manner...let me repeat that for the slow brain crowd....they have STOLEN BILLIONS of YOUR dollars in the most flagrant manner...and yet you keep coming back to donate even more $$$ to the felons.

    So eventually, unless you are an utter chronic imbecile, you MUST turn on your brains and either AVOID the sick sector or SHORT it, period!!!

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    • Canine cunning was destroyed yesterday lollllllllllllllllloser margin calls you are crying lol cry me a river whata loser short for the last $150 up you got serious ocd issues posting all this bs too son get some help pop some more ludes and check into the mental hospital before you jump eom

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Correct, only if the Gold/Silver contracts written are never audited and they continue to write ones without backing them with any real precious metals. If they do get audited (which I hear is coming) that means all these paper contracts have to physically buy Gold/Silver to back up the contracts or go to jail...right? Playing short is correct while the scam is in progress, yet only God knows how high it will spike if all the precious metals contracts and there affiliated MF, ETF, and ETN holders that write them. Kind of like a run on the bank syndrome.

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