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  • agno3doc agno3doc Jul 17, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    The Germans asked for all their gold 674 tons of it.

    We agreed to return it, incrementally, over the next 6 years.
    Why not all of it now?
    All kinds of conspiracy theories abound, but the question remains, why do they want it back and why can't we come up with all of it now?
    Whatever the answer........stuff going on behind closed doors.
    And if we don't have it all to give back and must acquire it on the open market I think it's safe to assume, we don't want to cause panic or a steep rise in price. So,figure it out.
    Only a matter of time.

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    • Can't believe those hard headed Germans want what is rightfully theirs - how dare they! When their gold was used for all of Obama's supporters gold teeth and bling, which goes so well with all of those Obama phones, and of course increased welfare checks and food stamps. Gotta keep that Democrat voting base happy ya know. Those Germans just need to get their priorities straight!

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