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  • american_chariot american_chariot Oct 9, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    This is a Truth I know for sure about GOLD

    I don't need "promises of a dysfunctional government" to keep, increase and maintain my value in it! Think about that...almost every other instrument is built on "promises". Gold is gold, and if we can believe in government, market-economies the consumer and business integrity, then we can believe in their promises. But I personally find it hard to stake too much value in the "full faith and credit of the US Government", when they can't keep their business open, spend more than they have revenue coming-in, and base their financial integrity on a "Fed-board setting monetary policy" from a distressed viewpoint, and from an "experimental endeavor, inducing growth not based on actual growth fundamentals", but through planning. I just don't get a sense of "trust" with such policy. Rather, I can believe in the 'full faith and credit of the USA", when we have sound economic policy, a decent working relationship within the various government bodies (Executive, Legislative, Judicial), and a robust, working-class people, building things and their communities. We don't necessarily have that, so therefore, I'm not big on trusting "full faith and credit promises". I rather put more trust in the "yellow metal" that doesn't so easily tarnish, and that held great value even in biblical times, until we as a country start acting worthy of what we've already built-up! We didn't become the nation we are by acting like we are right now! We are not building a foundation of true "growth and prosperity", but rather, confusion in government, too much "Fed-meddling to give the appearance of fundamental economic strength", a sagging consumer with little to no real wage growth, much less good job growth!

    Just look at our new big businesses and see what we call "building-out now in this country" that will provide lasting good jobs, raise families and induce broad, market-affirming growth; Facebook, Twitter and Tesla! How much bread-and-butter will these outfits put on our tables?

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