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  • american_chariot american_chariot Oct 10, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    Damage already done, imo!

    Yeah, some "grand bargain", and all is well! I don't think so, nor do I think there will be a grand-bargain. The best I've heard so far is a temporary raise; The sad thing is, this is hurting (has already hurt) our world standing; Instead of promoting and defending American interest in Asia at the important Asia Pacific Cooperation forum, he's left here in the USA, going-on national television every-other day, telling the world about impending mayhem if "there isn't a fiscal agreement soon"; World visitors are being shut-out of Yellowstone, non-government workers are learning, aside from the National Parks, that life goes-on fine with the Government shut-down, October-December matured Treasuries are being sold for less than face value, jobs reports are coming-in soft, and the list goes on-and-on. I don't think a piece-meal bargain that extends the debate, clears all this mess up. And really, we're coming apart at the seems, not b/c of ideological differences, but b/c of fundamental shortcomings in our fiscal, monetary, economic, and even moral base, that defines America.

    Once I saw the brinkmanship after Lehman, when funding was initially denied, or held-up by the Congress, I've never really trusted our law-making process since. It's as simple as: "United We Stand, Divided We Fall". I watched an inheritance portfolio from my family, held-up in limbo b/c of distribution difficulties, lose some 50% of value, b/c Congress couldn't come to some kind of agreement to smooth things over as a result of the mortgage fraud taking place. Yeah, we "bounced from that debacle", but Congress has never really been united, nor has our economy gained from a true, organic strength basis. It's been hot-air, grand-standing and shenanigans ever since. We are all to blame, as Americans, in a sense; I'm Democratic-leaning, but I didn't think full-scale Obama-care was the best the best policy at this time in our country's history, yet since no-one had done anything about...

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    • Cont..II

      Yet since we let the insurance companies rule-the-roost, deny people coverage "just b/c they could, and for not real and good reason, we did damage to our system and ordinary folks, and probably forced a national healthcare policy that didn't have to come to fruition, if right-wing insurance-loving Republicans, would have been more progressive in crafting some kind of viable health-care policy. Instead, their "take-no-prisinors", screw-middle American, gave us the exact opposite of that, a Government mandated h.c. policy that forces individuals to have "Obama-care"; That should be a good lesson against "extremism" for both parties, b/c you end-up with something much worse, when radical factions start dictating policy.

      I'm all for compromise, in fact, that's what Congress, the Executive and Judicial branch are all about, checks-and-balances and compromise. Yet, we're dogged-down by "extremism". I think Republicans are going to learn a tough-tough lesson here, and that is, the "tea" that the Ted Cruze's (I actually support his view-point to a degree, but not his hijacking methodology), Sarah Palin's and Ran Paul's of the world are serving, is tainted, foul and deadly!

      As Americans, let's unite as best we can, and disavow these fractionary elements in both parties, that are causing us harm. Boehner made big mistake allowing his party to be hijacked! He'll get his due come mid-terms!

      As for Fed-policy and gold...more of the same, Levered-up balance sheet, too much funny money, that is proving to be less valuable, imo. Look at the 10-year today, up 2.49% Hope that's temporary just b/c an official agreement hasn't been reached yet, and not a permanent condition of "losing faith" in T-bills!

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