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  • justkeepushin justkeepushin Oct 14, 2013 8:58 PM Flag

    Gold Tanking in Asian Markets

    and now I think we test the $1150 mark very soon. Gold sell off will pick up speed and if we should get a good size sell off look out because we could break past $1000 an ounce and fall under $500 a share. Gold had its day for the last 10 years or so, but now it going back to being just a plain yellow metal.

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    • $500 will not buy you a kosher burger when inflation surfaces. You and your USURY brothers time has come, and will be crushed. Tell you rabbi to give up financial engineering shenanigans and get a real job for the first time in his life.

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      • Sounds like the comforter is down about $650 an ounce. What a shame.

      • Don't it hurt when you go long GLD, knowing full well its going continue to go down for months, if not years. Even in the midst of a debt limit crisis and the appointment of Yellen (A Bernie clone) Gold continues to sell off, fall and pretty much look like the worst investment for 2014 and beyond. The dollar going forward will get stronger and you will eventually see the U.S federal deficit shrink. Slowly but it will come down. Gold now for all intents and purpose is a useless metal that will only be used in the future for wedding rings and molar crowns. Notice that all the "buy gold commercials" are no longer on TV. Notice all the "we buy gold" street signs are long gone. And notice how the big boys (Hedge Funds. Big Banks, Mutual Funds, etc/) are all dumping their long positions in gold. Thinking GLD is double digit by mid-November.

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