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  • geist.gunter geist.gunter May 12, 2014 5:57 AM Flag

    WARNING: Jim Rogers pumping gold = CRASH 100% GUARANTEED!


    First, amateurs should note that Jim Rogers worked for notorious weasel, George Soros, for years---and like ALL billionaires, Soros has a permanent hate for the yellow metal since he is a beneficiary of US dollar hegemony....Soros does NOT count his wealth in gold ounces, only in US Dollars.

    Second, Rogers is claiming that gold is a huge buy when it hits 1000 an ounce---but every smart pro trader knows full well gold is on the verge of a PANIC SELL that will CRASH it well BELOW 200 an ounce-- and 95% of all gold and silver companies will go UNDER at that point.

    Third, Rogers WRONGLY pumped gold just ahead of last year's CRASH, so every one of his gold pumps should be regarded as a LIE.

    Fourth, Rogers is predicting the crash of the US dollar--but he repeatedly made that doomgloom WRONG prediction during the entire time that the DOW and NASDAQ jumped through the roof these past THREE years. In other words, ALL of Roger's doomgloom scare tactics are nothing more than a SCAM to SUCKER amateurs into purchasing tons of WORTHLESS DOW and NASDAQ PUTS, along with even more WORTHLESS gold and silver call options.

    Case closed, smarter pro traders will continue to PUT the hell out of these DYING golds and silvers, while increasing DOW and NASDAQ call options, even as hoodwinked amateurs continue to purchase even more WORTHLESS gold and silver calls, and even more WORTHLESS DOW and NASDAQ PUTS. LOL LOL LOL

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