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  • hump_n_dump hump_n_dump Mar 5, 2014 2:52 PM Flag

    Where's the beef?

    I was enjoying the 'Bangkok Curry' at Noodles when I stopped in mid-bite and noticed that there was no meat in my dish. When I visit an Indian restaurant, they always serve up nice juicy hunks of meat and curry for me because I'm a carnivore and I require meat to be satisfied. However, there I was sitting at the Noodles in The Gallery at Westbury Plaza and there was no meat in my 'Bangkok Curry.'

    I walked to the counter and asked to speak to a manager. He said that this particular dish did not contain meat but did contain broccoli, carrots, red bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, and cabbage. I raised an eyebrow and slowly said, "There... is no meat... in your Bangkok Curry?" I wanted to make sure he heard me loud and clear.

    He look stumped and started to apologize but I stopped him. I said, "I am dissatisfied with my meal and my Indian friends would never serve me a curry dish without meat. You are no friend, sir." With that, I turned on my heel and walked out. Sadly, I was still hungry but I will not stand for curry without meat.

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    • Actually humans aren't carnivores. Some could make the case that we are omnivores but I'd say we are herbivores. We cook our meat to break down the cell walls and to protect our bodies from bacterial infections. If you measure our canine teeth to other animals gorillas have massive ones yet they are mostly herbivores. Our digestive tract is long for a reason for us to digest the nutrients of plant foods not to let the meat rot in out gut. Icolon cancer in a leading killer in America and it's not from eating vegetables.

      I have no issue as to how others eat but when a fellow human makes the case he is a carnivor it's hard to believe. As you made your mad dash out of noodles you could of stopped off the side of the freeway and you'll see a lot of free meat or roadkill begging for you to make a stew out of it. Or Do some DD before making a fuss they list their ingredients on the menu. A strong sell for those who choose not to read ;)

      Noodles got it right. Why prepare a dish with meat when you can have the option of customizing it. Their not trying to force your hand in getting no meat. And their not forcing the vegetarians out their either.. Everyone wins.

      Actually every time I stop in noddles they go out of their way and ALWYS ask if I'd like to add meat or tofu. ALWAYS!

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    • Are you kidding with this post? You get the Bangkok Curry and then order which meat you want (if your choose), that's how it works. So you made the "assumption" that it should have meat? Did you ever really go to a Noodles? I think that this post is bogus. You mean the manager didn't explain that to you? Bangkok is in Thailand, not in India - entirely 2 different countries.

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      • this food is for idiots - mix and match everything.

        we can make it Italian or Thai in a minute

        bananas, the world is yours.

      • I should not have to "ASK" for my meat. The meat should be placed in the dish already without inconveniencing me or making me feel embarrassed to have to ask for something.

        As for the differences between India and Thailand, yes I am aware of the distinction between these two fine nations. The point I was trying to make which was not understood by my detractors is that curry dishes, in MY experience, have contained juicy hunks of flavorful meat which I relish. It is my belief that man cannot live on vegetables alone.

        Thank you.

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    • To quote Al Bundy when Peggy decided to start cooking healthy for the family:

      "Peg when I sit down for dinner I want some form of dead animal on the plate".

      That said I own some NDLS and could care less what's in the soup as long as it sells. As others have pointed out, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand it's not in India and they ain't selling a lot of "beef" dishes in India. Beef's also extremely expensive, if Noodles can sell a carrots and peppers instead of beef, more profit for me!

    • "I was enjoying the 'Bangkok Curry' at Noodles when I stopped in mid-bite and noticed that there was no meat in my dish. When I visit an Indian restaurant, they always serve up nice juicy hunks of meat and curry for me "


      The last time I checked, Bangkok was the capital of Thailand. Thai cuisine has a unique version of curry and Thai cuisine is as dissimilar to Indian cuisine as is American cuisine.


    • josef.novak Mar 8, 2014 10:11 AM Flag

      Bangkok Curry is not an Indian dish, and your Indian friends would certainly NOT serve you BEEF of all things if you really had any Indian friends, dopey boy.

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      • My friends Vinesh and Rajesh would attest to our multi-year friendship, good sir.

        I would have to assume that you've never been in a city where the population is over 10,000 but in major metropolitan cities, Indian dishes cater to the carnivores which reside in these areas. I am never truly satisfied with a meal unless there's meat in it and the Bangkok Curry did not satisfy my pangs of hunger.

        I was both hurt and hungry that I had to leave the Noodles restaurant in a huff. Never again.

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