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  • radiate802 radiate802 Sep 12, 2002 3:52 PM Flag


    It has been stated that M Davis works for who owns a hedge fund. What ya think they may do?

    I am sorry you are a WCG bagholder. I am a MFNX bagholder as well. Fiber optic overbuildts happen--deal with it.



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    • Having been a Federal Employee both military and civilian, I cannot argue with you assessment, bu t it is a stereotype, there are good ones, even of these.

    • He is the one that is deluding HJ & company are surrounded by all the lawyers money can buy! If government investigators are on the job - good luck! Most gov't types would not want to be near anything that remotely resembles work. The PC agenda which hired lots of unqualified types (you name the ethnicity, religion, or gender of which there are 5) is pretty much discounted by recent audits of major govt. law enforcement agencies - lost or stolen guns, laptop computer, cars, etc., etc. I see no way any investigators can come up with any clues unless they buy them at the clue store.

      If I sound disparaging about government employees - I am. My worst experience was being directed to land at a controlled airport - with a tail wind - in a tail dragger aircraft- classic ground loop conditons and I did. I can understand why collisions occur on taxiways and why airplanes collide!


    • siggie,
      There you go talking about medications again, do I sense a pattern?

    • There is medication to help you throught these periods of delusions and hallucinations.

    • You have been TOS'd.

    • Mr. Hawq
      I guess that imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, however, get a new handle to post under so that the only sinine posts that I get blamed for are those that I actually make for myself. Its the right thing, do the right thing.

    • Dreams are formed in our subconscious minds. Then when you are unconscious, your subconscious becomes the conscious and you have dreams.

      Have a couple of photons and you will see the light. This stock might start to take off. Might buy some more tomorrow.

    • I dream of fraud.
      I dream of SEC investigations.
      I dream of WMB in penny price.
      I talk to you about my dreams.
      I have been hurt by WMB.
      I write about these bad guys until you believe me and my dreams become reality.

    • Been there, done that, and got lots of hats, T-Shirts, and Commendations, notice I didn't mentional fiancial/emotional rape by an employer that I grown to "truly believe, "Priceless!"

    • I feel awful for many of you "employees". To me that is different than being bagholders from questionable mgmt and stock fraud--such as MFNX. I am neither an employee of either company. Just tried to pick up a beaten down stock (WMB) with full knollege of WCG issues.

      As a WCG or WMB employee, I feel sorry for you if you are being affected. If you are a shreholder only--buyer beware & dont hold the bag. And dont whine about it over and over.

      I suspect there are many WMB employees posting here


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