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  • yahoo yahoo May 7, 2005 10:53 PM Flag

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    • I put this guy on ignore some time ago. The real Freud is more optimistic than this idiot. Check the ID - it is not the same.

    • OH, OK. I was fooled. He may be S. Freud, but he is some king of nurse (r.n.d.) instead of a doctor (m.d.).


    • There is an excellent series of articles on PBS at:

      I did the nerve gas case against the US Army when all those sheep were killed at Dugway Proving Grounds and some of them were buried on the Skull Valley Goshute Reservation. We put together a national program to clean up Indian reservations from formerly used defense sites. In the process I learned a great deal about chemical and biological weapons. I had previous experience with nuclear weapons when I drafted the legislation to stop the MX weapons system from being built in the west desert for then state senator Francis Farley and I had been studing these issues for since I was eight years old. This is going to be real ugly. I wish the administration would have done a better job. There is no "axis of evil" like Jerzy Mike believes. The administration has worked to destabilize N.Korea. Iran presents it's own problems. I have had several Iranian friends over the years. Very smart people and terrific businessmen.

      None of this will have an effect on Williams. Even without the war the market would not recover. The problems are systemic.

      I plan to keep my home here in Utah for the summer and move to Sarasota for the winter. What will happen is anybody's guess. This war could change everything worldwide. We are walking right into Bin Laden's trap. This Iraq attack will give that lousy camel fucker more followers.

    • Conrad, Florida & Houston are the only places in America where when it rains it gets hotter. Go to Daytona in the winter, but don't move there. If you're use to the Southwest you'll be miserable. Move from Salty to St. George.

      On Williams, my crystal ball says it should be up moderately on Monday. Shortly after, we should do an ordinary Fibbinaci correction of the recent upmove to be followed by an assault on $4.10. My objection to being long into the war is that there will be a tremendous whipsaw. The military has absolute, total control, of news eminating from the ME this time. Even if our boys are dying by the thousands, like bugs sprayed with a can of Raid, the initial news will be that everything is just wonderful & warm & fuzzy & hooray USA. The markets will rocket up. Then the truth will come out that Sad Man Insane has rocketed Israel, the Israeli's have turned Bagdad into a smoking sheet of green glass, and the market will collapse. I (hopefully) have exagerated for the sake of illustration. In any case, Gold will continue slowly, or rapidly upward as this war is a lose, lose, no matter what the outcome. The dollar is doomed. Clear as mud?


    • My goal is to acquire 100,000 shares and use this money to fund my move to Florida. I am one quarter of the way there. If the stock is called away it would cost considerably more to buy back in. I am selling puts to lower my cost basis in the stock and this method has really worked. Why do you think this stock will move up so fast? You were right early this week when you said this stock would explode on earnings. I thought it would just go up a few cents because their financial problems were still weighing them down and EP took the hit they deserved. I knew better then to sell my stock. But damned I wish I would not have sold those calls, 200 of them. I am going to lose $1-2,000.00 to buy them back. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Buy back those options now! Never bet against a natural gas company when natural gas is going into shortage & is 3 times last winter's price & continuing up against the seasonal trend! Natural bounced off of $6.70/mmbtu today. Watch the CNBS tape at 1 min & 11 min & 22 min & etc. after each hour. NG is toward the end of each run of the tape.

      Wait 'till you see your heat bills. Better make some money on WMB!!


    • So this means I better get my ass in gear and buy back the options I sold when this stock went up yesterday. I sold the May $5.00 options for $.15 cents 200 contracts. It is going to cost me $.25 cents but I could lose a lot more on the upside.

    • Ok, you got in at $1.86.Where did it fall from?Can we say $40-$50 a share.That's quite a fall,wouldn't you agree?

      Crash And Burn Baby,


    • Hey Taylor...

      I guess you made out okay with the Feb 250s?...

      I eased out Tuesday and Thursday ...kept mumbling something about "pigs get slaughtered..." Didn't get all the run, but it was certainly more fun that going to work...


      • 1 Reply to texasdave
      • TexasDave:

        Well I sold my $2.50 options a day early and made a very minor profit, $169.00. Had I waited one more day I would have made $3,000.00 Boy am I pissed but I had absolutely no way to predict the stock would explode up like it did. Yesterday I sold some covered calls on the May $5.00 options. I can buy them back for a loss as the stock has gone up considerably more than I anticipated. Dave you and Taylor have a pretty good handle for this stock. Should I buy back my options for $.20 and take the $.05 loss or wait and see if Williams finishes under $5.00 and just keep the premium. The reason I am asking is I think Williams will continue to rise and I don't want to be locked out of the future gains without buying more stock. Do you think the stock will be above $5.00 come May expiration?

        I don't see any more hurdles. There was profit taking today, big deal. But I see a long steady climb from here. I still think dollar for dollar this is one of the best investments on Wall Street for small investors and have recommended it to my friends and family.

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