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    • Well I didn't really claim that it would be a mainstream card. As far as the card not being available untill the fall I guess that would be FICs decision. They certainly would make a name for themselves by bringing the card early. I wouldn't dispute the CEO of ATi though with regards to ATi cards, however if the R350 is completly DDRII compatible (including PCB) then I can't say for sure that FIC won't be alowed to create such a card based on ATi CEO comments. It is quite possible third parties will have their own roadmaps.

    • Orton said in the last conference call you have to wait until the fall for a possibility of DDRII (mainly because of cost and also availability)... it was in the question answer period.They have no immediate plans. It looks like they have solutions that don't need more expensive memory anyways.

      There will be no mainstream DDRII products because there is not enough volume available and pricing is prohibitive for mainstream.

    • Also you will remember that ATi did showcase a card in the fall that used DDRII. There really is no reason to discredit the possibility of an R350 sporting DDRII because of price. It most certainly will be the highest performing/highest priced card on the market.

    • AFAIK as I have seen and read it was a legit article. There has even been some confirmation from relatively good sources. I would say that untill the claim is rebutted or disqualified by a equaly good source or better (which BTW could only be ATi.) then it seems very legit. IIRC there is different possibilities with the memory clocks. DDRI for example is supposed to reach even higher clock levels of 500Mhz.

      So indeed DDRII may be a misprint, but that does not nessesarily exclude the use of Hynix ultra fast DDRI.

      Supposedly though there are 3 Radeon 9800 comming. One with DDR-II. Wait and see. ;)

    • "I didn't expect you to hear what everyone else who has heard him speak before heard."

      But ATYGUY did you SEE him speak it? You should know better than most that the nonverbal communication is the most important factor when trying to figure someone out.

      Would I ever like to see you.

    • "The worst Nvidia could ever do at one of their CCs would still be an order of magnitude better than ATI has ever done. "

      This is not a competition between best CC's. According to atyguy, JH sounded less confident than usual. Take it for what its worth.

      Maybe atyguy was mistaked (it is subjective after all). Maybe JH has a cold. Maybe he has been humbled a little and plays it more conservatively. Maybe he is feeling a little pressure.

      Who knows. Draw your own conclusion. I haven't listened (find these things boring as sin), but it seems as if several people second that he sounded less confident.

    • Spin it belatedly anyway you like. I didn't expect you to hear what everyone else who has heard him speak before heard.

    • "I observed that his voice was hesitant and that he cleared his throat very often. "

      You must have listened to a different presentation then. The guy couldn't have sounded more lucid or articulate. He obviously has a thorough command of the technology and industry he's involved in.

      "The seeds of uncertainty have been planted in the guy. "

      In your mind? Who cares. You're the goof who lives and dies by the latest Inquirer rumor.

      With respect to the whole Xbox II thing, strangely, it sounds like he has some warped perspective where any arrangement would have to be a financially sound one for Nvidia to justify the expenditure of resources required. What a novel priority: Profits. I wonder if Orton is going to consider such factors (profitability) when going after his supposed carrot. Given his track record to date, I doubt it.

    • "Leave it to atyguy to come up with that one."

      LOL, give it a rest already. I didn't call the guy a moron - I observed that his voice was hesitant and that he cleared his throat very often. Can't make a diagnosis over the phone as everyone knows, but he didn't cough a single time during the forty minutes he spoke. He was at the peak of his flu during the NVDA CC on Feb. 13, which I also listened to. Eighteen days later, he might still be clearing his throat for that same reason. But I repeat for the sake of clarity: he did not sound confident in his product line, nor did he make a convincing case for management's recent strategies and execution. And none of that had anything to do with the flu. The seeds of uncertainty have been planted in the guy.

    • Why don't you tea leave and Inquirer readers take a look directly at Nvidia financials and see how "healthy" the company is, rather than reading so much into a guy (who obviously is under the weather) clearing his throat. Sheesh. Leave it to atyguy to come up with that one. For extra credit, go compare their financials to those of ATI and see who looks "sick".

      A very lucid presentation. The guy is obviously quite articulate and very confident (or is that actually "arrogance" in atiFanBoySpeak, since he's been kicking the snot out of your company for years on end?)

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