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  • geekcomputing geekcomputing Jun 8, 2005 10:11 AM Flag

    R520 ?

    its not negative.

    its reality.

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    • I agree that if R520 has yelds issiues which for
      sure is (otherwise they would release it by now).
      Another question is if they will be able to resolve it by August. This fall release thing does stink cause that tells us there is no good yelds so far and most likely Orton can't tell u
      what yelds are gonna be in 2 months. So I m on short side this time. On side note I do think that 2-5$ royalty from Xbox360 will kill high end
      PC sales at least till PC catch up in speed with it.
      p.s. When Xbox1 was released PCs were already twise faster CPUwise and at next generation GPUwise. Not happening this time around.
      Just keep checkin PPU(phisical processing Unit), if it does take off, then PCs might be in the game sooner than later.