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  • cyfactor2003 cyfactor2003 Jun 14, 2005 9:01 AM Flag

    X architecture

    "You're so stupid you didn't even realize what the date was that was posted on that article..."

    Unbelievable. You're so stupid that you STILL don't realize that this article was posted YESTERDAY based on interviews that took place shortly before and after Microsoft announced it at E3? Did you even READ the article?

    From the home page of Beyond3D:

    "12-Jun-2005, 22:37.37 Reporter : DaveBaumann
    Since Microsoft announced their next generation console platform, XBOX 360, at this years E3 various aspects of the technology have been spoken of including �Xenos� (formerly rumoured as �R500�), the graphics processor for the console."

    And you want to try to improve your credibility?!?


    You are a freaking riot!