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  • shtopor99 shtopor99 Jun 13, 2005 5:47 PM Flag

    Forbes article

    Crookes at work again. In that article they didn't note of ATis margins droping wooping 520 points, last time they said ATI is a better short term play than Nvidia, lol, that is exactly when Nvidia took off. The fact that ATI missed on revenue is not important, bottom line is they missed on gross margins on top of revenue. Also
    they will have nothing to compeete witn Nvidia in the current qtr in enthusaist (XFIRE and SLI) and high end(G70 and X850PE< lol> (I like that PE(Platinum Edition), lol), and I bet ATI will MISS AGAIN both on GM(will be forced to drop prices on all their cards from top to bottom, forced by Nvidia) and revenue. Recalculate EPS again and suddenly BANG!! stock is in single digits and still overpriced. Example with last year Nvidia
    is absolutely irrelevant (SWIR did drop too but
    all longs choose the best scenario,lol, yet again, lol). Go ahead load up to your eyeballs with "cheap" ATI shares. Yes they are cheap, but I see no single reason for them not to get cheaper in a couple of months). Yet Forbes BS article will never look "deeper" than crookes want it to.

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    • You forget a few little things:
      - XBOX360 uses Unified Shader will hear a lot more about this as Longhorn approaches. ATI has the technology today.
      - PS3 and Cell are already being reported as being way below performance expectations.
      - ATI is more diversified than nVidia in Digital TV that is taking off
      - ATI has many more phone design wins
      - ATI has the 3DMark2005 performance crown...don't see a G70 there.
      - ATI still leads the market in PCIexpress time passes, more and more OEMs will move completely to PCIexpress

      It's a long road, and ultimately, if I were ATI or nVidia, I would start focusing on a strategy to better compete with Intel. Integrated graphics are rapidly chewing into both of their market shares.


    • although i think the next 2 quarters are going to be very rough given what ati management has told us.

    • the writers are reporters not tech heads or geeks. they are simply not in the know.

      some of that articles points were valid though.

      Especially the cell phone, tv, notebook part.