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  • master70707 master70707 Jun 23, 2005 5:42 PM Flag

    W T F is Orton up to?

    When is Ho going to send this clown packing?
    He may be an engineer but he's no CEO. Ho should take the job back ASAP and take back any options the clown still hasn't converted: pay for performance only.

    And what's with all the inventory build up? $456 million of inventory sitting there do SFA!

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    • "I think atyt might be at or close to the bottom."

      it could be.

      i dont think (see previous 2 posts ) but i cant tell the future yet either. all i can do is look at the data i have and make assumptions based on it.

      I would much rather miss the absolute bottom and catch the stock on the ride up, rather than hope for the best.

      When i see stupidly low oversold shares or ati displaying strength again w/ products that can compete then i will contemplate if it is wise to get in.

      longhorn will require a 3d accelerator.
      Now no one know how powerful of an accelerator it will have to be.

      Best case would be if it required something that more powerful than the intergrated crap intel puts out. I doubt that though as Micro$oft and Intel have a long history.

      This would be more of an advantage to ati as ati fights intc a good bit. nvidia does not. last intergrated chipset they had was the nforce 2 motherboard.

      The are comming out w/ a nforce 4 w/ a intergrated 6200 built in though.

      btw i owned

      s3 virge dx - horrible card.. HOrrible!

      tnt 2 ultra (cost me 229 at the time.. highest costing card of its era!! 229!! insane!!)

      voodoo 4 (50% off price, going out of business sale)

      geforce 2 ultra (online deal got it for 127 and sold it 3 months later for 157)

      geforce 3 ti200

      ati 8500 128meg le (le? i think) absolute crap....horrible is an understatement. Sent back asap. Replaced w/ a Gamecube (ati flipper chip anyone?)

      geforce 4 4200

      ati 9800 pro (flashed to XT)

      geforce 6800 Oc 128 meg.

      also ive owned a tnt m64, matrox g200, geforce 2, geforce 1, voodoo 2 in SLI, some rage 3d card, voodoo banshie, geforce 4 4600
      and last but not least..

      my 1994 pentium 120mhz w/ ONE MEG of Intergrated Video Ram . FEEL THE PAIN! :)

    • One more thing:

      WTF happened with the share buyback? Total outstanding shares are virtually unchanged from last qtr (actually they're up to 252,844,998 from 252,258,221. Did the CFO think, like Orton, that the stock was ahead of itself and would buy back when it's lower?

      Get rid of the CFO while were at it as he can't add for beans. Why are today's numbers worse by a penny/share when he preannouced one week after the damn qtr had closed?

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      • "One more thing:

        WTF happened with the share buyback? "

        well, if you were ceo and you knew your stock was going to tank HARD. would you spend shareholders money on buying back high priced stock?

        or wait till it hits the bottom and then start buying it back.

        mgt knew.
        insiders know.

        do you see ANY insiders buying stock???

        NO. not a single one is buying at least not that we can tell.

        when multiple insiders start buying in the open market that might be a sign that some spark of life still exists.

        untill then ati has to fight the 7800 on the high end , 6800's all over the place and lower priced 6600, 6200, 5200, and geforce 4 mx's

        so really nvidia has em by the balls on all fronts.

        all ati has is MisFire which is not out.
        Thats it.

      • Here's the double edged sword. With announcements of lower margins and being in a loss position, do you think that share buyback is the most prudent move?? I sure dont think so.