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  • tech_trade_03 tech_trade_03 Jun 29, 2005 10:43 AM Flag

    $10 is coming

    Down trend and revenu drop for the next 2-3Q. Very weak today.

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    • There is always a possiblity that this one will go to $10 or even lower.

      Anyone that short this stock is because of all these negative issues surrounding this company and the market has certainly discounting all these bad news and considering the worst senarios. Many have all of the negatives mentioned repeatedly again and again on this board. No body cares about any positive news or upgrades on this stock anymore, like there is no tomorrow. Any upgrades or buy opinion is considered not wise.

      Then this is perfect and this is just right and it is good!!

    • Are you sick, idiot?

    • "It missed many OEM design cycles"

      Back-to-school and Christmas by far eclipse anything it may have missed.

      Yes, Consumer segment total only accounts for a small percentage of ATI's business, but that business is growing.

      Did you forget that Microsoft paid money for Xenos development?

      I'm not going to argue with you. There are many positives to this stock just as there are negatives. Tech stocks have and will always be a very risky investment.

    • You honestly think they're going to have to write it all off? Whatever.

      >> a significant portion of it or dump it at a lost.

      It's a royalty deal. That's 100% margin. And Microsoft themselves have said they want millions of units on the shelves by Christmas both here and abroad.

      >> did you substract the expanses on XBOX2 development? XBOX will acount a small portion of ATI's revenu < 5%

      The second largest cell phone provider in China and the only one to offer a CDMA network is small fish? Whatever. This is also a royalty deal, i.e. 100% margin

      > Hand Held + DTV is only 10% of ATI's pot and the growth is only 10% for now.

      > 520 is dead for now and it is late may be too late to do any good. It missed many OEM design cycles

    • Strong buy at $10 ! ATI graphic AGP card is super. Its marketing should improve, else ...

    • Not going to happen...upgrade & buy rec in the last two days, with more coming.
      You should cover like the smart money has. LOL...

      • 1 Reply to rogerlltt
      • 2 bad those are from 2 obscure brokerages.

        it would be different if it was goldman.

        look at the fundaments people.
        stop trading in fairy land.

        the mgt has revised this quarter 2 times.
        gross margins will not improve -source mgt.
        the 7800 is out and selling very fast.
        r520 delayed.
        Q 4 will blow - mgt
        Q 1 wil not be rosey - mgt.
        and how about that wonderful 456 million in inventory.

        oooo thas going to be a good one.
        either reduce prices on it to sell it , thus lowering margins


        write it off.

        either way = screwed.

        granted im not saying this stock can not go up.
        hell, it may hit 13 but with all those cards showing i would not gamble on it.

        untill ati shows some fundamental improvements in getting the r520 out WITH A MAINSTREAM PART
        im not touching this dog.

        long term i think the stock will hit 16-18
        short term = 9-10

        if r520 = a nv30 then 5-6