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  • geekcomputing geekcomputing Jul 12, 2005 9:31 AM Flag

    r520 delayed to September

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    • ""Wallstreet does not look at benchmarks""

      The smart ones do....

    • <<I find $0.05 way too optimistic for 29% GM and $550-580 revenue figures...>>

      Don't forget the share buy-back and destroyed, any little bit helps.

    • yup i bought a small position in nvidia.
      i saw a dip like i said i was looking for and i took it. The stock continued to go south but o well, i think nvidias next quarter will be an earnings blow out.


      strong amd processor sales, increasing oem orders, and the 7800 should help a little bit.

      battlefield 2 should also make people play the upgrade game.

      my buddy was talking yesterday about upgrading 3 of his boxes from his geforce 5700 to some nice 6600's. hell, maybe ill sell him my 6800 for cash and a 5700.

      in september im going to a wonderful 9 week workout program called Basic. LOL

      people actually pay to go to the guy... why should i? LOL

      then its 20 weeks in a sunny place in the south west.

    • I find $0.05 way too optimistic for 29% GM and $550-580 revenue figures... I just can't see how they can pull a black figure out of this quarters (Q4) potential operating costs and GMs (I am predicting a 1% drop)... even if they manage to launch Crossfire and R520 before September 1st.

    • But you still trust ATI despite the 4 warnings in 3 months?

    • "If one bench mark leaks and the r520 is as good as they say, NVDA might get pounded..."

      Wallstreet does not look at benchmarks... it is Gross Margins first, Revenue second and inventory third for both nVidia and ATI. Always has been and always will be. R520 will make no difference for ATI as OEMs have already been lost for the late '05 refresh cycle. The number you need to focus on for ATI is 32-24% GM, $600 million and <60 DSO!...

    • Goldie, your problem has always been that you are emotional with your trades. On both the big drop occasions when you have been burned by nVidia first then by ATYT, you failed to listen to those warning you... I recall in both cases, Smallcap was becoming very vocal to the negative side but you continued to argue that there was little downside at each occasion. You really just need to open your mind a little.

    • Did I say something to upset you Bullshitter? I never called you a name... I am just making my best interpretation of what you are.

      Perhaps I AM being a bit too contrite... I really should be calling you Bullshit Artist... what you do on this board really is "a piece of work"! LOL

      STILL waiting... <tap tap tap>

    • Pumper!

    • <<Goldie, from one shareholder to another I think you'd best be prepared for a disappointing quarter and consider it a bonus if they pull out anything over $0.05 for EPS>>

      I am not expecting any more than $0.05 to $0.07 and still think they would have revenues between $550-580 million. This is a long way to the "crapper" as Geekcomputing like to say. I think they would do as they projected on their last CC, not that good but still positive.
      I am not expecting major improvements until Q1 and Q2. Do I sound like a pumper ?

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