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  • Goldiehawk Goldiehawk Jul 26, 2005 11:15 AM Flag

    Just F* Unbelievable

    NVDA have a downgrade, Mercury report is negative toward NVDA, they may miss street expectations and guidance, but they are still up.

    ATYT have positive press releases, positive numbers with the Mercury report, a hand full of new products with Motorola, design win with HP/AMD, no downgrade, but they are still down.

    Absolutely unbelievable, should push a monk to drink and swear!

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    • Such an angry "person"...

      Yes, yet another Bullish/Wipeout/Flipperchip/Cyfactor that actually has nothing to say but LOVES the insult. Actually I would not doubt they all work in the same cubicle in the ATI PR department!

      Come up with something witty next time you want to "try" to insult someone!

    • What is unbelievable is you feel no shame and still grace this board despite your woeful track record and have even taken over the pumping baton!

      No, wait. Actually, coming from you, that's pretty well expected and not unbelievable at all. I remember you sold NVDA at the bottom and swopped for a stock that has done nothing but decline, so I guess I can understand the source of your frustration. Get lost goldie, you are not an investor and should not guide people in their investments - not to mention try and sway them with your hype.

      40 luv

    • The devil is in the details...

      nVidia is executing for the future in their main revenue stream (75% from desktops) and ATI is only executing on their minor products (10-15% of revenue from consumer products.

      Wall street does not care about Mercury numbers... it is Earnings, Growth, Gross margins... period.

    • Goldie, all this fuss around MOT design win and ATi inside 50% TVs and Xbox360 for that matter is irrelevant, though does add up. ATi as u know is 85% GPU company and if their
      GPU bussiness is in danger, which is happening right now, then TV and phone talk will not pull this stock out of trouble.
      R520 has been said and still continue to be the decisive factor. If R520 turns to be faster and "yelder" than Nvidia G70 product than
      ATi will have a lot of ammo agains its competitor.
      So far quite opposite is happening. I don't believe all this newspaper stuff, they are paid by those who are stuck in the ATI and can't dump their shares without substantially droping this stock.
      Fact remains that selling 1 G70 Nvidia makes more than ATi selling 50 X300s and ATi has absolutely NOTHING hear me? NOOOOTHING to counteract that moneyflow to Nvidia. So there u have it - Nvidia makes big bucks and ATi paperlaunches nonexistant products. Talk is
      cheap especially from Orton mouth. Have your ATi and be happy. I m short.

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      • << Have your ATi and be happy. I m short.>>

        Glad that you are short, at least I would know who to thanks. :-)

        The G70 may be a great thing for Nvidia but I still don't see any design wins, so far it is all cigar's smoke and mirrors.
        ATI's plan was always to steal the low-end market share from Nvidia, (almost a fait accompli) then hit them hard on the high end. The day of reckoning is approaching fast. Enjoy your stand when you still can.

    • I'm not surprised.

      Perhaps ATi has to couple this with some news that the analysts and journalists can get their teeth into.

    • saw numerous negatives for ATI in Mercury report. I can't determine all of it any comments on TD report?