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  • bstee bstee Oct 30, 2000 9:08 AM Flag

    Win, wins, wins

    We keep winning in (basically we own) the
    notebook arena. The PS2 is rolling out and should ship 2M
    US by years end. Sony STB each have TWO ATI chips as
    the digital revolution hits Canadian and US tv
    markets. What am I missing? We've got the wins, do we just
    not know how to turn a profit? Or, are profits
    expected from all these wins? I was long earlier this year
    based solely on STBs. I'm long again. Can someone
    summarize his opinion (no fluff) on the prospects for this
    stock? Appreciate honest opinions.

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    • K.Y. Ho has said we will be profitable this

      ATi does know how to turn in profits, market share,
      margins. Incredible 3D acceleration, they are doing also
      now. Basically this is a very sound high-tech

      But it doesn't get any recognition and even less
      hype. Others in its sector (Nvidia) have always been
      hyped for all it's worth.

      If what you are
      looking for is a quick jump, then you might want to...
      Well, jump to some other stock.

      If you want to
      participate in a great company at a great price, then this is
      the stock for you, but that is what *INVESTING* is

      Many people have completely forgotten the notion of
      investing. Like "My friend knows a guy who says this is
      going to $60" is what "investors" think investing is
      about. It's not.

      It's about companies like ATi
      that do a business and end up doing well. With time.
      Less exciting, perhaps, but also less worrisome
      (remember April, anyone?).

      I have had this stock for
      a good 3 years now and will probably hold for a bit
      longer, another 6 months sounds like it will get us there
      back in the $20 range.