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  • seanjuliemax seanjuliemax Dec 29, 2007 6:21 PM Flag

    they aint crowing on the settlement

    Hello magnus, for you and your audiences 411, military is a "real" person, met at the shm's by many, and is a respected poster on the Agora PTSC on the other hand seem be somewhat of a, shall we say, sad enigma here...PTSC may go to 5 dollars or maybe not, but you, I'm afraid may go nowhere soon or ever. good luck with the game

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    • I respect "militarybook".
      No question, there.
      I am a forum member there, as well...and have never been in conflict with other members.

      His post was IMO, misused to generate negative attitude, here.

      Does "Militarybooks" have the details to the settlement ?

      Yes, or, No ?

      Stocks go up and down. I'm not worried about the share price, at this low point.
      I know what I own here, as well.
      I can't say "I know the details of the settlemnet".

      My gut feeling is this company will be huge.

      I apologize for being a sad enigma.
      I try to post informative factual information.
      Haven't had any debate on that stuff.

      But, I'll challenge motive of posters, who construe another members' post to represent a negative sentiment.

    • well that's good to hear, and I do hope you are correct, just a bit frustrated reading that other board where they refuse to discuss pro's and con's. I did get in a few weeks ago in the 40's and am willing to risk the wait out and see what the financials and reports of what actually transpired on the settlements. the additional signings recently are certainly good news.

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      • I'd like to hear the cons as well.
        Tangible cons'.
        Discussing opinions on BOD, and Management is fruitless.
        Right now, Licensing is top priority.
        I'm not guessing what the settlement entails.

        I'm concentrating on the net revenue we will receive from the other 4 companies that signed up, just before the settlement.

        Eight nice deals in a months' time frame.

        I have 1 opinion about the # of shares though.
        We have to reduce them.
        I would give up my dividends to reduce the number outstanding.

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