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  • StockPlunger StockPlunger Mar 16, 1999 2:00 PM Flag

    Block Trade

    Does anyone know when PG&E does & doesnt do block
    That seems to be the only time the stock goes
    significantly up.

    The dividend didnt even cause the
    stock to go up very much.

    I heard PG&E's stock
    is suppose to go down to 29 over the next 2-3

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    • At these prices it time to buy buy buy. Got to thank that judge.

    • PG&E does plan on fighting this battle to the
      bitter end. Re-org is definate. Company/IBEW ratifying
      new contract/overnight agreement. Change in retirment
      restrictions, many people can leave in nice shape on Jan 1,
      2000. With a little incentive they will. Company does
      have a chunk of change from all power plants that have
      been sold this year-about 3.5 billion. 3 billion now
      -less 500M from stock buy-back

    • if this baby gets any lower you will be arrested
      for stealing when you buy,even with all those fat
      asses out in california on the doll this baby is a
      bargain[ imagine if they review staffing levels at those
      plants..whoa look out

    • SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 20, 1999 (BUSINESS WIRE) --
      The Board of Directors of PG&E Corporation (NYSE:
      PCG) today declared a fourth quarter 1999 regular
      dividend of 30 cents per share on the Corporation's common
      stock. The dividend is payable on January 15, 2000, to
      shareholders of record on December 15, 1999.

    • In the past, it was not at all unusual for the
      appointed commissioners to over-rule or seriously rewrite
      ALJ decisions. However, in this case, simultaneous to
      release of the draft order was an alternate version from
      the President of the CPUC Richard Bilas, who upped
      the electric figure slightly to $265 million. That's
      about as much upside as you can expect.

      PG&E is turned down on appeal, expect this one to go
      to court.

      PS, PG&E is willing to buy back as
      much as $500 million in outstanding stock to prevent
      the floor from slipping out beneath the price.

      As for unregulated subsidiaries...losses on the
      retail services side were expected for five years and
      are in fact decreasing according to plan. PG&E Energy
      Services says it is slated for profitability in 2000, if
      you can wait that long. Wholesale trading results
      cannot be predicted.

    • Who do you think the regulators work for?

      Sorry dude, you're as confused as the beeguy.
      Regulators are there to look out for the interests of the
      people who pay the bills.

      For months, public
      analysts, such as Merrill Lynch have projected this
      outcome...not because they called the ALJ, but because they
      read the filings and could see that PG&E did not
      justify its requests. and was trying to move old costs of
      generation into its distribution budget. As for statements
      that leftists are not giving the company the money to
      do the job...well, PG&E got hundreds of millions of
      dollars built into AB 1890 to upgrade maintenance (net
      $240 milllion in 1997-98) BUILT INTO

      In prior years, the utility took such funds and
      instead of doing tree-trimming and other work, moved it
      into management bonus accounts.

    • Does any one has a history of PUC final decision
      going with or against the judge proposal ? is the 250M
      pretty much cast in stone or can its number be changed ?
      any history of correlation between authorized amount
      and RoR ? look like the company is in for an uphill
      battle ....

    • I agree that there was a leak someplace! The
      stock took a nosedive BEFORE the judges decision
      yesterday. I feel there should be an investigation. However
      . . this decision isn't that surprising - did
      people think that PGE was going to get everything they
      asked for?

    • This one caught me flat footed. Now that the bad
      news is out MS comes out with downgrade. They are
      behind the game as usual. What is your long term (2-5
      yr) outlook for the company? The management looks
      weak. Are they at risk of a takeover?

    • Please refer to my other messages #316/330/346
      ... this was coming for a number of

      This is now a value stock in this range. They have
      lost a great deal of money in the unregulated side but
      my have already reserved additional funds for
      another reorganization.

      A very small increase
      recommendation the ALJ in their rate case is going to hurt a
      great deal. I believe they asked for +$800 million and
      the ALJ recommended about 10% of that. The Commission
      usually takes the ALJ's recommendation pretty

      I am still looking to cover around the 22/share but
      look to get long around the 19/19.5 range.


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