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  • yes_free_will yes_free_will Feb 22, 2001 8:28 PM Flag

    Come to the Rally!

    Fuk'n right for once! Hey Fuk'n the stock was up almost a buck fifty. Good call on the rally. You did such a good job you and your slicky boys can take Saturday off. Go play in traffic or pound your head against the wall real hard... I'm sure it will feel better when you stop.
    By the way besides there being enough juice now (Gee, what do you suppose that does to the price of juice at the wholesale level?), reservoirs are filling rapidly and the price of oil and nat gas heading south, I'd say the cash flow should be heading in the right direction. No wonder those boneheaded PG&E execs. stiffed Davis... or was it familiarity breeds contempt? PG&E said they had a billion in cash sitting around. I wonder how much that has been added to since Governor Bonehead started buying the juice? The margins/spreads ought to be getting better every day. Shorts are getting it in the shorts.

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    • It's just a matter of time before we hear how fukface has been robbed and the people of California have been screwed. Bankruptcy_moron with his arrogant and foolish postings will be long gone. Sorry, but it must suck to be a jackass!!!

      To everybody that posted their crap against me you're about to feel your dream come true. You're going to take it in the ass even more. I've almost doubled my money in a month. How does it feel you jackasses?!?!?!?!I couldn't say it any better..........

      SHUT UP AND PAY UP!!!--ilocs69 (give him credit)

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