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  • Betterbelieveit Betterbelieveit Mar 21, 2001 4:31 AM Flag

    This too will pass!

    As many things in life these power outages that have been arranged for years down to the point they have put them down on our power bills as far as what is to be the next effective area all have been arranged by the industry as a plan. The whole society of california should revoult and not pay any power bills this summer. Bottomline if you cannot provide the service we pay for why should we pay for the service. Come on California revolt do not pay any power bills that are not right!



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    • Oh, ok, just another conspiracy! Answer me this bonehead...if you have enough power capacity for 35 million souls and you add 5 million more a year, without adding capacity (out-of-state, hydro, fossil fuel, solar, wind, conservation), how are these new people going to get power. Lottery? Rationing coupon? stay in the cold and dark? Where were you when gasoline prices went south? Oh sorry, you were on the bay bridge, going 60 mph!

    • I agree. Kalistan should never pay another power bill, it shouldn't pay for any water it imports, and it shouldn't pay for any gasoline it uses. Kalistan should secede from the union and create their own special reality. That way the whole state will become an amusement park. We can take our kids on vacations to kalistan and show them how the neanderthals lived in the stone age.

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