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  • mentges mentges Mar 23, 2001 4:25 PM Flag

    Price Controls = Shortages

    Sanity in Walnut Creek - I guess we are the only people in the state who believe in free markets. I thought I was a voice crying in the wilderness of Northern California - it seems only our friends in Washington State and Oregon agree with us.

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    • actually, there are people outside Walnut Creek who agree with you two -- I saw a poll on the SF Gate a couple days ago that indicated more people wanted prices to rise than thought they should be frozen. People aren't as dumb as the politicians think.

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      • For what it is worth, every muni on the west coast of Washington has raised their rates over 50%, but that is not enough. Our power costs have actually been much higher than KAs on many occassions. In fact, the power at MidC and PV have followed KA to the dollar, except for Nov, when the PNW prices rose to as high as $5,000/mwh. The rate increases up here are far from over, another one is scheduled for the end of summer. The only good thing about the rate increases is they do reduce demand and the higher power prices do incent new generation. We have three new CTs coming on line this year - about 1,000 MW of new gas-fired supply. The downside, aside from reduce consumer discretionary spending, is the high prices have devasted our industrial loads (aluminum is 90% dispatched, pulp mills are struggling, to name but a few). In the long run, the state will have new capacity and the consumers will use energy more efficiently. Sure, some evil power companies will make lots of dollars off of this transition, but this has happened throughout history as an economy or culture is mercifully tossed into the future. The more gracefully the culture accepts the new future the easier the transition. KA is an example of a state and people that refuse to move into the new future, they want the old world where the system was 20,000 MW long 95% of the hours in a year. Won't happen, crazy thing called demand growth. It is refreshing to here some true Californians posting on this board, but is you folks that are the true creators of all that is good in California. By the way, if the taxes and blackouts get to you, you are welcome in WA anytime.

      • "People aren't as dumb as the politicians think."

        Then why ain't they tax'n impot'd oil? I ain't nver seen so many ho'se fu*king dumb asses.

    • You are not alone in your views. Not only do price controls = shortages, no one is going to invest a dime in the State to build new capacity - power and pipelines and grid overhaul.

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