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  • mentges mentges Apr 18, 2001 12:54 PM Flag

    NEG spinoff great idea!!!

    PGE is starting to play hardball with California, and it is about time. The Bush administration will back them. Remember - The Business of America is Business.

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    • "The Business of America is Business."

      Some people have trouble with this fact.

      America is about opportunity. A person has the right to sit in the gutter and suck oxygen. What they do with themselves is their business, not America's responsibility.

      A person is forced to go to school until they're sixteen. After that they have community colleges, state colleges, universities and the military to help with their education and job training. They have grants, loans and scholarships to help them with the cost of education. There are outreach programs, social programs, special interest groups and special ed classes both on and off campus in their local community to help them get a better paying job. These programs are designed to help mentor, get a person up to speed and help keep them there as they go through the learning curve. Business of America participate in these education and job placement programs.

      The only thing holding these people down or back is their unwillingness to help themselves get a better education so they can get a better job, which is their resonsibility, not America's.

      Somebody has to support businesses or there won't be any businesses in which to hire all these people into and the fabric of our economy will collapse without the fiscal support of the business community.

      It was business that built the Transcontinental Railroad, not liberal policies. It was business that brought us electricity and the lightbulb..... not the liberals. It was business that brought us agriculture, not liberal policies.

      The lib's need to get a grip on who's making the products that they use on a daily basis, they are so intent on demonizing and destroying.

      I suppose since buses and light rail has become so much a part of the liberal landscape that they should make the buses and lightrail cars? I suppose that airlines, beings such an esential part of the transportation equation, should be nationalized. I suppose all coal mines and natural gas fields should become gov't owned and operated because they supply the energy to produce electricity with.

      I personally think we should nationalize Saudi Arabia because their oil has become such an important part of the equation. Hell, in fact why don't we just nationalize anything that suits our countries needs because it's for the common good of the citizens. We'll just go up into Canada, Mexico and just take the power generation plants because it's inconveinenceing the rate payers of California and that's just not right.

      The lib's haven't a clue how the rediculousness of the above comment is how nutty they sound to the rest of us.

    • The NEG is as good as spun off already. The only issue left is whether or not PG&E sells its remaining assets in California, pays off its debt and puts the remainder of teh cash into NEG, or the courts get it right and PG&E's utility is returned to solvency with a regulated T&D system and de-regulated generation. If this happens look for 30+ a share. If the other happens NED is at least worth 15, and with added cash and investment probably 20. I can't imagine the eco-hips taking them down in court, but California is so flaky anything can happen - kinda like the OJ trial.

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      • Hey pddolan, if you are going to sound off over and over, at least try to keep the companies straight. Let me make it simple.

        PG&E is an operating utility that is a subsidiary of PCG, which is the company listed on the NYSE. You use PG&E interchangably, sometimes referring to the ute (which is in bankruptcy) and sometimes referring to PCG (which is not in bankruptcy).

        I don't mind the political rants, but let's keep the companies straight.

        Thanks in advance for being more careful.

        You can turn up the volume again.

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