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  • beyondtheverge beyondtheverge Mar 12, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

    Estimates for Q1 is 7.8. We are going to beat them.

    As they say stocks trade on the future expectations. So we have several good news coming:
    q1 will beat estimates
    they are going to announce big order by the end of the months.
    And who knows, if they get the yields up they might take on a bigger order later in the year. One day they will suprise us on the upside.
    It all depends on the DEPO and yields. We might even get lucky the problem with the machine happened last year when they didn't have a lot of orders depending on it. It would've been much worse if they screw up some camera makers before chrismas season.
    So here is the deal. If the Depo will prove to be reliable and the yields are improving - this is a $10+ stock. So it all depends how we will get there. Will it be trending up gradually or spending another 5 months at $4 and then doubling after q2 or q3 report shows the progress. Depends on the machine. The downside is minimal, upside can be big. Make you bets.

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    • Not sure where you got the 7.8 from but we seem to be beating it already!

      "Based on current market conditions and scheduled shipments and deliveries under existing and expected contracts and purchase orders, the Company expects 2013 revenue to fall within the range of $34 million to $39 million. First quarter revenue is expected to increase approximately 39% over first quarter last year to approximately $8.5 million. "

    • beyond. 5 stars! wish I could add right here! I would add possibility of un-solicited offer at these prices?

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      • I am fully loaded. Broke all my rules about diversification. But when the risk is minimal - why not?
        I am sure there are a lot of sideline money out there who want in.
        Two months from now the Q1 numbers will be reported. If during the CC management tells us the Depo is running well and yields are improving - they will be rushing to take a position before it is too late. Some of them might be more risk tolerant and start taking a position now.
        They know this stock can be double digits within a year. They don't like to take risks so they waited until the bad news is out. But the problem for them is that there won't be much sellers at these levels after today. Who are they going to buy shares from? So they will have to pay $4 and $5 and $6. And still double their money.

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